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Would miss free speech. Spitz is not as fees that's meant to harm to deteriorate. Campus craziness, folks. Got to keep you updated on all the latest. So also, you know that you can go to take back the campus dot org because you have an action item whenever we talk about the campus craziness, and that is that you can donate to my friends at the leadership institute. I've got a crazy story for you here actually, I have somebody who will tell you. They're crazy story about what they wrote up here on reason dot com. A friend Robby suave is on the show. Now, he is an associate editor at reason and also has a new book out, which he will tell you about the first Robbie tell you this piece Williams College had students claiming that free speech harms, but they said, even crazier stuff, like students were screaming that we were trying to kill them. What happened here, my friend? Yeah. They're claiming that people who want free speech on campus that some of the professors. Do they're, they're hoping that the to Williams College will agree to the with pro free speech statement, the university of Chicago started. Many other colleges have signed onto it. You know that we're going to have controversial speakers. We're gonna have feet because we know that make the campus better stronger more intelligent place. These, you know, this is a small subset of an activist minority that is that exists on every campus particularly I leak campuses that they pay. No having these discussions having free speech, it harms. And you are literally trying to kill us. If you're, if you're going to Lao people on campus, who? This is their, this is their ideology student most student, but a radical subset, that have tremendous power influence, and they got some of the professors to sign off on having onto goggle principles because they were so afraid of offending these students. You know, people misuse the term literally a lot in our, in our current discourse, as you know, I literally was doing something that I wasn't literally doing is what you hear from people that, but here they were in fact, saying that, that trying to kill them is what free speech accomplishes. I can you can you walk me through the crazy here because this is this is really the ultimate extension of the speech equals violence, which is something that started on the campus and now his spread into the broader culture. But now it's not just speech equals violence. It's speech equals you're literally trying to kill me. When of course, you're not, how do they rationalize or to the degree, they can explain this thought process?.

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