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Who said that? It's finally a woman you not get it from the men all the time. So far every guy that said, I love you just not my type. I finally heard it from a woman. Thank you. Think about this funny stuff. That's funny stuff and kill a break that down. All it's because he sexist is because he's funny. Okay. That's a funny thing to say that's a funny thing to say the problem is because the president is actually a performer Donald Trump is a performer he spent his entire life being a performer as someone who performs onstage. I know what it's like you play to the crowd the crowd. That's in front of you respond with cheers. And they respond with booze respond with laughter, and you're constantly trying to keep them hook and president from even said this when he was candidate Trump. He would say that he go to a rally, and if he was on his stump speech, and there's three quarters of the way through speech and people look bored. He would just start saying build the wall because it got people all jazzed up like he actually says that he performs performer while the problem is that when you perform like a performer, the president doesn't actually have a fully functional brain to mouth filter filter is is pretty shoddy whatever starts here ends up here. And it doesn't matter. What started? There is one of the pro is one of the good things about the president's why he's authentic when people like authenticity in politics. The reason he's authentic feeling is because he's authentic in the same way that my four and a half year olds is authentic. She thinks that it comes out. That's the way it is. There's no pretense. That's good in politics, because it's honest, right? You get the feeling that he's honest, even like, even the stuff that Trump says that it's dishonest feels honest because he actually believes that it's on people say that Trump is just going out there, and he's lying east prevaricating. Donald Trump believes everything Donald Trump says that doesn't mean everything Donald Trump says is right or factual, but it is authentic. So that's the good side Trump. The problem is sometimes the thoughts that go through the head should not come out the mouth and that happened yesterday. Twice actually. So he was talking about Greg Gianforte who is the is Montana, congressman and and. Eggleston fort was at this rally and the president decides, you know, it'd be a great idea to appraise that time they congressman gene for body slammed reporter. So if you all recall to the twenty sixteen campaign there a situation in which a reporter confronted region for two nights before the election. And Jen fort got mad, and he went full macho man, Randy savage on right? He went full undertaker grabbed him by the neck, and he slammed him to the ground, and this is caught on tape, and then he had to plead guilty to a misdemeanor. President Trump thinks you know, what I'm in front of a crowd. I've done WWE before. Let's talk about this thing. You know? This is an issue that really needs to be out on the table two years later, let's do this. So here's President Trump. And the other is smiling is because this is the world we have chosen. This is the business we have chosen as Hyman Roth says, hey, we're here. We can't go back. What what are the chances that wasn't going to mention John forty bodies body slamming a reporter if Greg Gianforte in front of him what were the chances zero percents negative one hundred percents? I'm just shocked that Trump hasn't flown engine as an actual rally mascot does that mean that it's a smart move. No. It's turns out it's an unbelievably dumb move coming up audio of the president's big, boo, boo. With regard to Greg Gianforte undercutting.

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