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Everybody. Here we are. Zoom cast in, like a bunch zoom casting our asses off. Let's just be honest about it, uh, weren't a week. I don't know. 30 something maybe into months, 67 I don't know. More. Does it matter anymore? Paulie Mac Creative. Tony Creative, Shannon Kale, or the Three of us can't be stops. They've tried to stop, but it's not. It's not gonna happen. We roll right, Aurea, how you guys doing, boys? Paul. You reminded me when you said here we are. You remind me of the theme song from Silver spoons. Here we are face to face a couple of silver spoons. You know what I mean? Come on. What is that? I believe you've talked about the mom on that show before you, Erin Gray. Just take hold. And then Ricky Stroeder had the race car bed, man. Come on. It was your rotor. Dude, We're Schroeder today. What Schroeder up to? I don't know. Richard. Richard Stratton. The third. Sorry, Shannon. Go. No, I just want to know where are you? Staying? Shredder is in like the teenage Mutant Ninja turtles. Bad guy shredder, Schroeder. Rotor where you date yourself. Shannon Schroeder regain throwing Do some home, produce a moment for the weekend and watch a little silver spoons and have a little respect for Ricky Schroder. No disrespect all Ricky Schroder bad fall for us as they call them on the show, the Ricker Did they? Christ grows A well. Here we are. It's July 15th. It's the Wednesday on We're gathering here today to break down a few things we got topical. It's funny, you guys here we are now we're actually After months of the self quarantining and sheltering in place, and We're now days away from a competitive baseball game. Tony, who's up first on the giant stock it you've got a schedule? I believe we have some exhibition contests between the Oakland Athletics home in away Monday and Tuesday, and then the Giants travel down to Dodger Stadium for the greatest rivalry west of the Mississippi. Where Johnny Cueto will be taking the hell he's confirmed is the starter. Of course. I mean, yes, he is. And I'm eyes. What a what A wacky time emotionally is unexcited. I'm pissed. I'm excited. We shouldn't be playing ball. I'm excited, and I'm scared like All of it. You know, because I love baseball. Excited. Sea bass. Welcome back. But what are we doing again? Buster Posey, What are we doing? So on that note, Tony is one of forward tease a little bit. It's part of the radio industry, The mechanics of forward teasing. I just want to let the listeners know if he just stumbled onto this that we're actually gonna hear from Brandon Crawford. In a few minutes who was a guest on the murder from Max Show today? He gave us a good 15 20 minutes. You guys. We talked about that Tony like he's working out in the mask. You know, it's a It's a whole new world, so we'll get his thoughts on everything going on. But you have a you, Shannon as a fan. Are you excited or you skeptical? Do you think this Things will go off without a hitch Will. Where are you with all this? Well, I'm a little skeptical about Brandon Crawford. Did he say that he will or will not actually hit for a good average this year. Well, wouldn't I told him that his bat was so hot? I'm going to take my clothes off. No, that's right. Good if you get it. Is branding is branding. I got to say quietly. That.

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