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Fisher house foundation. My husband is Bill stebbins. And he was in the army in Virginia. He was released in nineteen fifty three after two years of service. And he we were married and moved to Minnesota where he is from. But at the present time, I'm living in the Shenandoah valley in new market Virginia. He was having a problem with his mitral valve leaking. And he came here to have a procedure done that's called a micro Val clip. And it was successful in a way, but gradually started leaking again. And when he had that fixed it was in December, and we were here for a couple of weeks at the Fisher house, and we were released on December fifteen and gradually through these preceding months, he got worse and worse as far as the valve leaking. And so he came here a month ago to have open heart surgery to repair his the valve minutes heart. He has had some complications from his surgery. We have been here. It's five weeks. I think today he's progressing now doing better. And so we're looking forward to when he can go home. That's surely stebbins describing the stebbins fam-. Demilitary story. And what the Fisher house has meant to them. Oh. It's been a real comfort because we're.

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