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Police Charlotte Reese KYW newsradio for exit in doubt again that's coming up right now it's too traffic and weather on the two as we check in with Brian Ramona according market again we're seeing a little bit of drizzle out their system and wet roads out in the western suburbs a little coming in on Chestnut Street myself little bit damp so I'll watch for those leads to get a little wet when you do that also cut down the ramp to ninety five north bound evo multi vehicle accident on the right shoulder police are on the scene and just a bit of a delay heading through there not bad at all the rest of the major highways into or out of Philadelphia these Google expressway looking pretty good yes no construction between the Vine Street expressway in South Street today so you can move as you need to for twenty two east out Limerick left lane you have construction set up until tomorrow morning at five AM the working on the bridge of their and of course Martin Luther king drive is closed for recreational activity until five PM that will continue again this is the second to last weekend for that next weekend will close things out for the recreational season having of the Delaware River bridges are looking pretty good in New Jersey not bad at all on the major highways we see all the Millie's furniture jam cam the we have a report of an accident now just outside a moral to this is route seventy west bound just after seventy three watch for some minor delays through their mass transit no major delays in the care of your twenty for our traffic center I'm Brian Ramona I would is weather five day forecast here's CBS three meteorologist Matt Petersen we're looking for a cool and damp and you are weekend Sunday.

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