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So we we actually took a trip With being Myself xavier nelson junior the Narrative director on the game Anthony jones the art director and a few other folks. We were actually invited to go to nepal and sit in with rangers and conservationist doing this work so we definitely got some first hand. Experience learn a lot of kind of unintuitive ideas. That people might not think right away there. I thought might be rangers running around with with guns. Looking for people you know in the bush but It's much more complex than that You know one of the biggest incites. We learned that we touch on early in the game is how important it is to work with the communities that are in and around conservation areas so it becomes a a tricky balance Where perhaps some of those people are. The ones doing the poaching. Yes so they're just a lot of inspiration to take from that and we. We didn't want it to be the sort of one to one representation of real life. We want people to be able to engage with it. And that's why we went with a a sci-fi route to build our own world allows to heightened some of the scenarios and take some of the some of the personalization out of it to kind of get the core messages across and so far You know the early signs say that we've done all right with that awesome. Tell us about some of the characters that are involved in the game. It looks the first who they are and then the design process coming designer. Maisy i'll thanks. Yeah i mean that that one hundred percent comes out of the brain of Anthony jones on. He's kind of a well-known concept artist. And he kind of has always been a big on robots and You know these kind of scifi characters. I think he's moniker. Online is actually robot pencil. So there you go see. I kind of just said you know. Hey i've got this idea. Where do you want to take it. And he just took it in a place that was so cool. We couldn't Go that direction but The actual characters in the game. It's actually an samba cast. So yeah You know the game is about billing multiple squads. You've got seventy one hundred characters in your caretaker group and it's really about managing each of these individuals taking advantage their strengths and also dealing with perhaps some of their quirks. The main character again. We call the conductor. And they're sort of this shadow leader They always kind of the caretakers have always worked behind the scenes. And now they're kind of thrust into the forefront As their societies help and then along the way we kinda counter Some extra terrestrial friends enemies As well as some of the leaders that are outside the barrier and you kind of have to figure out how to deal with them. Do you make alliances. That sort of thing very cool. You mentioned You mentioned your anthony. Jones and he He came from blizzard. Which is obviously a pretty big gaming company and to have him on staff at. He's on your staff. Is that correct. Well yeah he. We worked together on the project for about two years two years. Yeah great yeah. We've been three years coming so this is has been Quite the project for us. We've been typically smaller games in the past but yeah anthony Zala your and the are wider team..

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