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Probably with jake Greg maddux david wells. I'm from point loma high school. David was guy. Ryan klesko ryan klesko. I mean who else marquette before two thousand four that. I was wondering who was there who is their shortstop at the time that every green khalil greene stony or was the guy from fast times. You're asking the wrong guy on alan on the curveball electric and san diego's dying for it. You know you're gonna have a whole lot of bandwagon as tease is arguably the most marketable player in the league right now right show electric personality electric talent on the field but like there is a season ticket holder since who's gossage in eighty four that's never seen a world series in san diego and they are deep in lemon grove and they've been season ticket holders and they are at manda buzzing san diego's electric. So how how long do you're saying world series you know. Is it world series or bust this year considering their lineup. it depends. I mean it hurts. San fernando go down but you guys got our guys like cronin where are stepping up off young. Ken still when it comes shortstop position. We have a couple of options Jake to go and fill in there. We have a material that could fill in there. We have osteo on kim that we just picked up from the cranleigh so we have options. And you know you hear it. All the time in san diego media where it's that for every everyone totti's that goes down. We have three more. That could fill in the spot. And it's it's it depends on the rest of the guys to fill in the blanks film. The film spots wrote up. But it's exciting. I'm really excited to have fans back in the stands because last year for that sixty games. There's a lot of people that never played in front san diego before in the eggo when they have someone to root against. And i mean audrius who else is gonna root for boundaries. Right now right. You're going to go and ask x. Game against us eagles game. Now your your your room for office. So there's there's they're hungry or short. Oh yeah oh yeah. that was. Probably my favorite part living in san diego was was able was being able to go to a padres game because no matter.

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