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We need to talk to you guys a little bit more about new developments with that story. We have the report from the CDC seeing progress towards HIV prevention has actually stalled what's going on there. What we've been doing? So good. Lot of still anti vaccine sediment, people starting to go back and forth and congress. Where we need to go with the vaccine, I don't wanna call another crisis. Everybody says there's a crisis who got plenty of crises, but in the medical world, it's a pretty big issue. What how to approach a more welcoming of our vaccine system, which is pretty robust and pretty effective. I say, but people don't like it. We have some more evola outbreak going on still in the Democratic Republic Congo. But apparently there's been a fire. They say Congo Ebola center was set on fire after an armed attack. This is so scary stuff, especially when we are trying to limit the second-biggest you bowl outbreak that we've seen in our lifetime. Then we have a woman who was bitten by a stray cat. Catfights happen. She went to the hospital. Zach like she's supposed to she got bit again with a fifty thousand dollar Bill. So we need to talk about medical bills talk about how we need to do that a little better. Nobody asked the doctors or the, nurses or the pharmacist of the debt is or any healthcare workers in nurse practitioners PAWS us. I think you might want to so. So we've got a very busy day on the doctor, but never too busy. Take your calls. Your questions your comments at one eight seven seven one eight hundred seventy D L I got through yesterday. It's Nova really week this week, and I got to read the first graders. It was awesome. It was awesome. But I was very very apprehensive. Be able to keep them entertained. I it was good. I opened with booker's. You know, you could always kind of start talking about books, and they love talking about booker's. But the bug that we read doctor says you can't go wrong with Dr stature system, my favorite, doctor, even though he's not a doctor may recipes. But. Can't go wrong there. So the book I read was there's no place like space and. No place like space kind of talked about. It was a kind of a little tongue in cheek way to go through the planets. Mercury Venus earth Mars, you know, my my very educated mother hold on a second by very mercury Venus earth educated mother Mars, just Jupiter served Saturn Uranus nine Neptune, pizzas, Pluto. But they did teach the my very educated mother just served us nine pizzas. And I remember I learned that back in the late seventies eighties. They you know, they kind of learned. I don't know they had some weird names or whatever I think the book was written. Gosh, you're authored I need to find out when that book was written because we have a lot more planets since then. I think that book came out there saying here the nineties, but that doesn't make sense. That doesn't make sense. I think the book came out well anyway. You know, what we talk about space now? We don't even I don't think discuss the nine planets. I think now they have you be one zero two seven nine acts, and they have all sorts of weird stuff. But it was really interesting because as I'm trying to read the book to the kids. Okay. And this was Missouri. Shirvani a survey class and she's a phenomenal teacher. And this Watson not elementary school. And the kids were all sitting on the carpet, and they were nice, and they were really nice when I when I got to co. On the ice. I started talking about Boogers and things like that. And you know, why we have Boogers you guys know why we have burgers, right? Because it kind of blocks the bugs from coming into the knows. I know I had to look it up. Also, he asked so so the book is really sticky goblet cells make this is gooey mucus. It has a whole bunch of stuff. That's a sticky and salty. And so not that I've tasted. But. And so what happens is when viruses and bacteria tried to come in through your nose. It's like a spiderweb kind of weighed like the get stuck and they like Frodo did on that spiderweb. And so they they get stuck. And then you have to blow him out. He's sneeze amount and the bacteria. Come right back out. And that's what we have booker's. Okay. But yeah. All right guys, come on. Six year olds know this stuff. That's what it's for Senate. I said the kids excited and they sit down but immediately. You know, I started thinking to myself. Okay. I hope I can make it the our without having to go pee. And then one kid raises her hand going. I have to go back through and go to. Okay. Well, I go I go for it. No, no. You don't let go. Teaches like go go when I'll bring you guys all to the bathroom. And you know, I like okay now, I gotta go. Okay. You guys go EP, please. Then somebody goes my dog went in the house today. I go I do my dog when PB house shaky shaky lugos peoiple all over the place. So then I kind of wonder that. And so we really did get to the book the till about thirty minutes. Then I started reading the book, right? And I didn't have a reading glasses. So I had the book in front of me. He tried to find out, you know. Butts they'll finish the sentence sometimes on the next page. So I mean, you really have to be fast, and you have to go with the rhyme. To flip through the pages. And then I kind of forgot to show them the book. But I don't think they really care. They really like my doctor outfit, and I really should've brought some like stethoscope staff, and I should've brought my medical antiques that I brought on pawn stars. I think they would have thought that was cool, especially the tonsil at home, not the civil war syringe. Now, that's the one where they would treat gonorrhoea. We're not going to show kids that. But anyway, so we get through. And then the kids just, you know, the questions they were asking and telling me like one was talking about a dreamy had were a clown was decapitating his dog, and I'm like, wow. And then somebody wants to take pictures, so I my phone code. I gave them my phone code and one that's the same code to my mom's house, Michael. Okay. She needs this heat. It worked out really really good. And I gotta tell me savannah class. I love you guys rock. I'll read you any day one eight hundred seventy dollars they'll go going. Speak speak speak. All I do is speak. But you know, what I'm good at so.

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