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Not good, mclovin. Okay. Bass I'm going to do game of thrones. I'm gonna do for the next four weeks for more episodes two words giants milk, which if you saw the episode, you know, what that means. My worst is going to be and I hate to do this by Sixers that blown call at the end of the game were Jared Allen got hit by like three is. They didn't call it caused a lot. Controversy. They really miss that one Seton O'Connor best and worst of the weekend. My best in the weekend is watching Jimmy Butler during that same incident where he starts the fa- historian arc through the beginning of that fight in the end of that fight is hilarious. It's only about ten seconds long. But he starts the fight basically by pushing Jared Dudley, right? Then he immediately starts holding other players back. So they don't get into a fight. And then somehow at the very end, he's the guy who's like get off me. Let me add them. Let me add again. Like, wait, not just two seconds ago. You were holding other guys back. And now, you're like lemme Adam it is whole Larry watching the video. My worst of the weekend, though, is the nets getting knocked out because that rivalry was Jared Dudley been the most interesting part of the playoffs for me because he he's been talking more trash than any Dudley has ever had the right to and it is so funny watching him get all fired up. Paulie vista. Where's the weekend? All I got is. Is worse than the weekend. Dan, you're Manchester United squad doing nothing against Everton four zero Manchester. United loses to Everton ugly for new for Nilda. Correct. They're trying to translate. I Manchester City. Oh, that's her team. Yeah. Not interesting Night Live at. Yeah. Gotta get it. Right. Sometimes you have to remind me who I'm rooting for Pete Prisco is going to join us top of the hour has his mock draft. He says the following time to change things up with my latest mock draft. I no longer have Oklahoma quarterback Cuyler Murray going first over all to Arizona. But instead have. Not Nick Bosa Quinton Williams from Alabama. We says call it just a hunch. I think the cardinals realized the wise thing would be to stick with Josh Rosen and take a top defensive player, it could still be Nick Bosa. But for this draft, I have Williams in that spot. So Quinton Williams, Nick Bosa. Josh Allen goes to the jets Cuyler Murray goes to the raiders at number four. Let's see if there's anybody else. Interesting drew lock goes to the Broncos at ten. Haskins goes thirteen to the dolphins. Daniel Jones fifteen to the Redskins. See TJ Hopkinson the Iowa tied in to the titans at nineteen any other quarterbacks in here that seems to be all Josh Jacobs the running back for Alabama going to the raiders at twenty seven..

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