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Right back on Blackhawks post game show they wanted to to one and a shootout over the Jersey devils we have heard from Crawford and doc in to break it violet here from head coach Jim accounts the finish of the trip obviously thought to the first third week way to kill three penalties in a short time so that definitely made it tough to generate any momentum and and you know obviously they got one but once we get through that period I thought we played pretty well and he to me we give ourselves a chance to win the game by our habits away from the park and what I thought was kind of a continuation of of yesterday where we we were very professional thought in our approach and and that a lot of guys to come through in the end so moxie created for for the getting those three penalty kills I was kind of your own because yeah while probably not if you fall behind you know you never want to play from behind but I thought you were to come through that period only down one zero was was a positive and a good sign because I think we've had we've had situations where we have a very like three now and then it's very difficult to come back so we we don't take that many families and we would like to know if I would turn the puck over a little too much also in the first period which made it tough to to control the flow of the game but we did we did survive it and that allowed us to come through in the last two periods bringing in some pretty no last night with a break the damn it's an ugly one tonight it is in a ruling India you know he's you had a few other chances to and so the chances were there just wasn't going in form and he's that type of player they can going around so would be great for team defeated but the important thing that I want to see Justin can you tell me to play well away from the talk and and generate chances I thought the line was really good again tonight I'm getting concerned will tell yeah well traditionally this group has been outstanding and shoot out so to be one three weeks probably contracted territory for them but and hopefully we get this one pretty nice schools get builds contracts and we can build from there is yeah while he's he wants the ball he he wants the goals so does the type of guys you want to use in those situations because they want to be in that spot and they're confident typically that's what you need to score so he came through for the team as big as a pre determined that he was going there yeah not really you know typically on the first three coming down and we have some young players who you think could be good just kind of figure out who's gonna be the one to come through you can practice at all you want but that's not at all the same this is doing in the game winners points on the line so you get the chance in the future yeah I thought to again that the line was solid for us they created a lot but they were pretty good defensively that's as huge benefit for us that we feel comfortable plan I'm in all situations because they they do create a ton both five one five but they end up drawing the penalty you know can beats is guy and and we we drug penalties for on the power play and see on these big part of that in the end there's keep on coming I'm sure they're gonna pitch that question they've is good is great for our team.

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