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Jeez. You're giving Knicks fans PTSD. I mean, between Eddie curry, Andrea bargnani, Carmelo Anthony. There have just been deal after deal that have that has looked good on paper. I mean, Eddie curry at the time looked good on paper. He was like a 16.7. Zach Randolph looked good on paper. Bargnani even looked good on paper, but then, you know, that didn't even look good on paper. Well, I mean, I mean, well, then the lottery pick comes around, didn't you like, a crap we could have had player X, and we should have drafted that guy. And you know, look, they're looking this year at Jalen Brunson as their first round pick. Like, because they moved Kemba Walker, you know, and gave up a pick to get off that contract. To clear the cap space, like Jalen Brunson this year is kind of their first round pick. And look, I can see how they see it that way. Jaylen Brunson is what, 25 years old, not an all star, but an exceptionally efficient score where I think it's going to have a good career in New York. So that's a step in the right direction. And I think if you're the Knicks, you can't, you can't worry about relevancy. You can't worry about what your team looks like in the market. You've got to just keep building. And there are very average team. And that's what they're going to be. But I think they're an average team with upside. I mean, Archie Barrett is 22. So in the average 20 points per game last year, I'm not saying he's going to be a perennial all star, but it wouldn't surprise me if he was one at some point in his career. Brunson's 25, Mitchell Robinson's 24, like they've got some pretty good foundational pieces on this team that they can build around. If they use their draft picks well, or they trade them down the line for a player that makes sense with this group where you don't have to give up whole heck of a lot. Where I think the Knicks made a mistake. Was giving Barrett that deal when they did. There was no deadline for RJ Barrett, that was an artificial deadline imposed by Leon rose, who was trying to get you time gear. He was playing a game of chicken with Danny ainge that he was never going to win. So like giving Barrett, that backfired. Yeah, backfired. Giving Barrett that extension, yeah, I've read some stuff about it miffed the jazz. I can tell you, Danny does not give a shit. Nothing really bothered. Everything is cold blooded with Danny ainge at the end of the day. You just want to make the best. He just wants the best deal. We have to make the best. What a steal. And if he doesn't get it, he walks away. What it did do was complicate the trade, right? Because once you get Barrett that extension all of a sudden, the numbers are a little bit different. And you have to do things in a different way. But I think that's the mistake. They probably should have just played it out a little while longer. I know there were negotiations with Bill Duffy Barrett's age, but Barrett didn't have any leverage here. Like it was an extension, not a new contract. He had no leverage.

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