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I think this equality signing orders make the myth of the nba is that you throw a bunch of money at a guy comes the other myth meeting like a superstar the other myth is that guys bought bottom medically want to play with a team that's had a losing record for a long time jj redick is the bridge to establishment and philadelphia because when he comes if he does well if he does it now are the guys around the league who might be up and twenty twh eighteen 1919 twenty will look at the sixers and say maybe lo let's have room to create it's a start is the speaking of spending money right mr jackson's nee you can't latest the art then we x the next four years seventy one million for tim hardaway junior somebody explain this to me okay so they wanted to go younger ripe so they bring in a guy who is a rotational player fourth lanna when our own kevin aren't of its talked about how the haug were expecting to pay maybe 45 million and then it's given seventy one is allan houston all over again germs reek remember that right wish his imam read this within had the talent of winning their series for your go this was the guy they trade it away for jerry and grande who they trained him at twenty hardaway gave away and when you think about their top salaries now take out carmelo their top salaries now are hardaway junior at seventeen of bihac's don't match what noah at seventeen million and courtney lead at eleven million what are they doing i hate to say it.

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