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And the other NLEs team. Kind of like what the Phillies did, actually. So how about that? Picked up Noah syndergaard for getting louder. That's not a good sign. For Mickey moniak and another prospect and then they got David Robinson another go around for Robertson with the Phillies from the cubs. How about that? Pitching prospect. Then they picked up Brandon marsh from the angels too, like the angels were like everything must go except for tani. And then they also got Sosa from the Cardinals. So kind of like these moves. And marsh, like getting a marsh has not hit that well. You struck out a ton, but he is a good defender. He was recently a top prospect. And so the Phillies have needed that better than having a double Herrera out there for multiple reasons, so to get marsh to get Robertson who has been lights out this year and to get kindergarten who is not like flame throwing Thor peak. But is still an effective mid rotation guy, it seems like, you know, nice work for the Phillies, I think. Yeah, I quite liked their deadline. You're right that marsh has not hit, I think he has like an 80 WRC plus or something right now. But the thing about Brandon marsh that is different from the other guys in the outfield for the Phillies is that he is an actual outfielder. Yes. He is not a DH, pretending to be an outfielder, and I think that I think they're going to enjoy that experience. I think they're going to be like, hey, you know, this brand of marsh guy can play some defense. Yeah. At least he gets to keep his hair, presumably, so that's nice at least. The Phillies as we speak are tied with the Cardinals. Yeah. The race for that last wild card spot, so I think they got better by more than the Cardinals did for whatever that's worth. Obviously getting Harper back would be the biggest addition that they could make, but they've played pretty well even in his absence. So they have kind of rated the ship there and they're trying to be better. So I like the work they did there at the end. So we've hit on all the teams, I think, that made a lot of moves and we've talked about some of the teams that made no moves very few. Right, and I guess the only other teams that were kind of caught in the middle somewhere where the Red Sox, right? Real weird deadline the Red Sox kind of a confounding deadline. They traded Vasquez. They also traded for Hosmer and excited for Tommy Pham. That was interesting. I guess the Hosmer is that like the equivalent of the schwarzer move from last year because I don't think that's going to work out as well. I mean, I don't know, they were kind of a bubble team and I'm okay with them like not trading big pieces away and trading bogarts and all like they have a chance and they're the Red Sox. They can keep those guys. They could sign guys. That's fine. But yeah, the moves that they made, like some subtracting some addition at the same time, like not a clear direction there, not sure what to make of that. Yeah, I mean, I guess. So it's not that Eric Hosmer was free, right? Because they did send a prospect to San Diego to help balance that deal, but they're not really paying error Cosmo or anything. Right. So he's basically free. And I don't say that to knock J groom. It's just like, it wasn't an exorbitant package that went back and forth. So there's like that piece of it. And tiny fam was like giving away for practically nothing. I think that was a player to be named later as the other side of that deal for them, right? So like, you can't get a Tommy fam and Enrique Hernandez has been hurt very much of the year and French Cordero is bad. And so like, okay, but then you move Vasquez and doing that has inspired some of their other players to be like, what are we doing? Again, I think that you want to try to avoid moves that inspire like that degree of Clubhouse Discord, and they were all professionals, but like when Xander bogarts is like, what are we? That seems not the best. That seems like something has gone wrong. So it was just kind of a weird deadline for them. I think that, you know, if we're looking at the AL east, it's like, obviously, the Yankees from the Yankees were a playoff team. You heard it here first folks. And then I think that the Blue Jays will Blue Jays their way and that seems like it's going to go fine. And then the rays keep hanging around despite the fact that their entire rosters hurt. So I really liked that Peralta pick up for them. I think that's going to end up being good. Although they did make some 40 man consolidation trades where they gave up guys who seem like they might be something just because they have to clear 40 man space. So that's suboptimal, but they were going to have to do that in the off season anyway, so whatever. The J's were linked to a lot of guys they didn't get, and then they ended up getting a few. They got Zach pop, who I will always remember for being the first major leaguer we met in meet a major leaguer, so they got him from the Marlins as well as Anthony bass, and really, if you're the Marlins and you have Anthony bass, you have to hold on to the guy named bass and also I got rid of fishman. I know they promoted and then demoted Jake fishman. Fishman and Marlins, come on, marwan, so what are you doing? Questions about their deadline beyond that, probably, but also like if you're collecting fish themed guys. Yeah, you got to get all the fish guys. Come on. Look, we will take trout's contract. I'm just saying. He is a fish man. Yeah. The moments ended up not trading Pablo Lopez. I think they need to rejigger that roster at some point. Really? Yeah. So they didn't do much at the deadline. But the Blue Jays, they got best they got, pop, they got Mitch white from the Dodgers and then hilariously they got muirfield from the royals who I assume will indeed be getting vaccinated. I think the Jays don't have a home game for about ten days, so he has a little time to get the jab and have that take effect and not miss too much time when they return home. But there was like a very smooth bit of finessing on that question because I think they were asked about that and he was like we're getting to know him like that's between him and his family and it's like look I think we have made our position on whether or not people should get vaccinated clear but you know you have to like manage people, some of whom might have beliefs that are not in accordance with yours or certainly not in accordance with your roster requirements, but instead you're like, it's between him and his family and then you can have a soft conversation. Instead of being like, he's a dummy. We're mad about it. Yeah. I mean, they must have some. Well, he said, right? But if he was traded to a contender rate, which is pretty obvious that it's like, yeah, if you're a winner, I'll think about it. Right. He doesn't sound like that. It's rude for me to do my goofy guy voice when doing these things, but that is how it feels. Yes, and the other team that was kind of like, uh, which way are you going? The Giants, right? So we talked about a couple of minor giants moves.

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