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If you're gonna if you're gonna start playing with amoeba fronts on a regular basis. Breaking news story out of Tennessee, former NFL quarterback. Steve McNair has been found dead this afternoon at an apartment complex there in saying, a woman was also found shot to death to death. On July fourth, two thousand nine former NFL quarterback. Steve McNair in his mistress. Jenny Kazimi were found dead in Nashville condo. The police included the Jennie had killed McNair in a murder suicide, but was at the whole truth. One former cop doesn't think so. He's been investing the case on his own for the last nine years. He raises some questions that make you wonder. The genyk is aiming really kill. Steve McNair. I said, there's no way that Suhel Kazimi aka Ginny would pull that off from Sports Illustrated fall of titan available now, subscribe on apple podcasts or every get your shows. Well, how? How do the saints match? I mean, look, drew breezy. You get veteran quarterback here. I don't know how much confusion you're gonna cause for him, but how do you to the saints offense. Well, for I just pulled up this Email from aerobic. You're right. It did come from Chris stone. I don't know how. I can't believe I saw boy. I'm glad I reacted as tamely as I did. What was your question now? That I have my breath and heartbeat back? Yes. So so drew Brees. They're facing drew Brees presumably you're not going to cause a lot of confusion of injuries mind if you're the ravens, do you, do you go with that same approach at d- do something differently you're facing breeze. Well, remember you're also facing breezes blockers. He's got to get everyone on the same page, which is another reason I make, and I will move the discussion back to this game in a second. But another reason those amoeba fronts could work in the run game because run blocking is so assignment based. And you need all five Lyman to read it the same way. When you start manipulating the front and making them hazy just like you do and pass protection, it gets more complicated. So if I'm the ravens, I do that against Bruce. I don't go easy and play it safer because I trust drew Brees. We'll figure out an exploit us even though I probably will at times you still want to go and attack his blockers and his running backs and all the guys around him and make them play slower. And also in the very least if you do wanna, go more coverage oriented against breeze at least show the blitzes and then drop back underneath zone. That's something teams can do more. The saints actually do it a lot on their defensive. Side, rush three and drop eight into coverage. More teams are doing that as well. All right. Well, anything else on this game? Any anything we're missing as far as these these two titans going at each other here as far as the saints offense in the ravens defense, I would mention Baltimore has some corners who can travel a little bit matchup Marlin Humphries taken number one receivers this year. Jimmy Smith is getting back in the rotation on the right side, Brandon car still in the mix. There's depth in their options at corner, which is that can't hurt you in your face in the saints. And the other thing about the saints is the juicy la- Smith in their last game against the Monday night against Washington. I did not. Well, he is. I think it's a name we're going to be talking about Moore's. This season goes along. Ted gain has been tremendous for the saints. I mean, by what we said, look, quantum trae Quantico you're talking about trae Quant. It was. Yeah, I was just making up guy. Roster, it's treadwell's doing it. It's I've just gotten used to Quan Treadwell and then yes, they introduced trae Kwan Smith of the league, and I'm just trying to sort out all of these Kwan's and apostrophes trae Kwan Smith will be in the league and will not be in the position LaCroix treadmills. And now he's on the basically second year or second contract. Bubble trick wants myth think's gonna be a really good starting player in the NFL and I think it will happen this season. I think he's going to supplant Ted Ginn played very well..

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