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With Naomi Osaka saying Hey, When my mental health isn't there, and there are things that I can't handle in my public persona or my public life and I'm gonna pull away and I can't be sharing certain things. I think this is why we need to listen to this stuff. And when there is a sport being played that involves head trauma, and we've seen that constant head trauma can lead to some of these really dark places for a lot of these athletes. None of this like this is to me. This is part of a bigger puzzle of mental health in pro sports and football, specifically that we need to pay more attention. Want to just kind of say, respond to that by adding something to That that how serious is it will consider the tragic passing of Greg cars. Unbelievable. Head trauma is definitely part of that story. I'm I don't even think we talked about this talked about because it happened on Friday, right after our show and at blew me away, So I covered him Polly for years. He has reached out to me in the last 23 years. He's listen to the show. He lived in pleasant and he's a graze if you would. If you would talk to me last week about Greg Clark, I'd be like, Oh, great. Great guy has his act together. Beautiful family, his son going to southern Utah to play football. We're Facebook friends. We see all this stuff. Financial. Greg Clark had some nice days out there for the night guy. Funny guys that I had wig. Took his own life No, no. And again, his wife put in the statement. C T. Well, that's why I brought this up and copes is talking about head trauma. Now we're not saying we don't know if that's part of the story here with Richard Sherman, but it's a very serious issue. Obviously, when you're talking about life and death, and you know there's enough carnage and wreckage behind a lot of these NFL guys once they retire me, This is a story we've heard before. Players go leave the house. They forget where they live. They don't know how to get back. I mean, there's a lot of scary stuff out there so Um, I don't know if that's part of the story, but it's certainly a story and it involves a lot of football players are affected, so obviously we'll get more details on that and and wish him and his family. Well, yeah. Tough, tough, tough deal. Not fun to talk about. Shawn Estes and the Giants are more fun to talk about. Someone do that. Next with the power hour on can be are one of 45 and 6 80, the sports leader. Sees Murph in math extremists on knbr dot com Through your smartphone or desktop. We are the sports leader, 2016. The.

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