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High of eighty two Sunday muggy stormy a high of eighty eight Monday, morning showers warm and humid a high of eighty-seven Tuesday morning showers, warm and muggy a high of eighty five degrees in Waukesha. It's sixty seven in Milwaukee it's sixty eight degrees The box. With a very cool thing. At Pfizer formed going on this weekend bucks president Peter, Fagin with. Us good afternoon Peter great to talk to, you John how's everything everything's great are, the, rumors true will. You be in the. Bango costume, on, Sunday no no. No I'm too much of a sweater John. Like I would love damage. That word for generations Generational event open up to five Generational. Event. And drying. The. Bango Kosta. Yeah fair enough okay. Fair enough tell us about this this is. Going to be amazing this weekend Yeah I mean. This is the celebrations a celebration singer opening up by sir for what. You really be a generational bent we want to celebrate it, publicly we'll have an excess of fifty thousand. People in and around. The district we will. Open up the doors to, have self guided tours hopefully getting as many as we possibly. Can we, will have performances we will have food. We will obviously have, beverage, we'll have our players out there including, a lot of alumni I mean this will be. A very special event I have to say Peter we got to. Go in yesterday again seeing some? Of the finishing touches and I am I? Am, so excited for fans to see how mazing it is what time does all, this start you're going to have a block party to well we're gonna have a. Block party simultaneously with as we opened up the arena the arena will probably equipped like ten to twelve thousand people to time we will the. Ceremony, will start. At, eleven AM. Where we'll formalize it. And probably cut the ribbon about twelve pm And from that time on it's? It's the state's largest party you know it's kinda, cool being down there Peter the concrete even smells new for goodness sake I, was at the Wisconsin sports awards with the area developing around it's it might be. A first opportunity to see it from you know standing on the arena in and looking at it all There's a lot that goes into this but boy the construction, now that, the arenas done it's still going and it's it's amazing Yeah, I think people will see kind of the size of the scope of. Of, the district which is thirty acres so you know again. With the ultimate goal, to get people, to live work and play here we have some residential going up on the west side, certainly a parking structure our training center and then you'll be, the first time. People really get to engage like in the plaza and they. Start to see the corn shells of. Punchbowl social good city brewing and and I think the objective here is the wow effect we want people. To. Be blown, away Peter Fagin is with us president. Of the bucks how ticket sales Ben Peter for the bucks. Season brisk great I, mean we have a real interest Israel momentum I think the world is obviously caught onto the honest effect I think coach, button but I'm bored really. Makes us serious contenders for the east, which we, made no secret that we've got to, be competitive and we've got to start Becoming one of those elite. NBA teams and I think. You know, when, you. Add in a new facility there's. A lot of excitement. On, it so we've got a lot of all of the triggers kind of colliding together to really create 'cause unbelievable. Interest I think, we'll be up and around eleven thousand season kicking all bow hey Peter. Where, your seats for the killers concert on September fourth it's. Funny you say that, I'm actually gonna, sit up in the panorama club like which is in the top of very cool space, which which you guys have visited but I'm gonna watch from, the top and. See how the whole thing flows and just kind of enjoy. It while Peter you here I'm in. Section two zero two and I checked it out yesterday when I was there like oh man these are. Great. Seats even, though their way up at the top. Everything looks yes well if you hate your beer button to. Order a beer I'll, deliver to oh I will do that Darah she's quite a beer drinker Peter careful good good we like we like consumption, Peter thank you so much Much for being with us good. Luck with everything this weekend, guys we really appreciate the support we, love the home station thanks a ton. It is three twenty six at WTMJ news about your money it's spread Allen with the WTMJ Drake and associates. Market update US stocks rose today the s. and p. five hundred NASDAQ. Composite, hitting, all time highs after the Federal Reserve characterize the. Economy, is strong the Dow Jones industrial average rose one hundred and thirty three points Dow DuPont outperformed the s. and p. five hundred rose point sixty percent led by gains, in materials intact and the NASDAQ composite dance point eight six percent that's your drone Powell delivered a speech at Jackson Hole symposium in. Wyoming today we're leading central bankers, met to discuss the future of monetary policy Paul said he, sees, further, gradual rate hikes moving, forward known in the economy is strong and, can handle tighter. Monetary, policy Netflix rose five point seven percent today after analysts, at SunTrust upgraded, the, stock noting that will keep. Going higher because of its. Success overseas, stock, has. Had a strong week any more. Than ten percent retailer Target reported better than expected earnings this, week sending its shares up today target was up point six percent. For Drake and associates I'm Brad l. and financial advisor for NewsRadio WTMJ.

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