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You wake up doing your part. Leaving her half. Missy. I'll tell you this because of my encounter with this CEO in my like ever curious never-ending curiosity to learn about how different people get through life and are more efficient at life than I am this morning five AM, I have everything laid out, and I determined usually if I want to get up and work out in the morning. I'm like, well, I got to get coffee, and then I'll have some coffee in the way, they're bubble, blah. I have my joggers laid out sock. I put everything on right out the door, a good workout in was back home by six fifteen to have breakfast with couple of the kids. My wife woke I was like it was giving me all because of one conversation. Let's see how long it lasts tomorrow. Tomorrow, Saturday hard stop. I know he says every day. Equivocal? I feel like you should at least continue on for two to three weeks just to see if it can become a pattern. That's what I thought you fall off. Then it doesn't really count. If you can do it for three weeks, then you're more likely to be able to continue. Two or three days you like, but I remember what it was like to do that. So you can start it up again, man. So you gotta get tomorrow. I'm texting tomorrow, Steve. Plus, no because that's the good motivation like a girlfriend of my we're like virtual workout buddies. We don't work out together. But we take today my accountability partner do today. Billy blanks. Oh, billy. Exactly smelling all schools. Come on. Now. I'll see how on this last problem is. All right. We got air pinky swear right now. Right now, I regret bringing to three weeks. We'll just harass Pat want and he'll be. That's always. After the break. Jordan Peele is rebooting television series that if anybody can pull it off. It's Jordan Peele. I'm very curious what MS Shannon thinks about this. And then I'll explain these strange way that I even know about this show next on the dominance teach on mytalk one zero seven one, everything entertainment. Previously.

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