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I allow them. You can attest to that. You spoken to really a mike. I don't tell them what to do mike. If he's got questions he reaches out to me. Sometimes i'll see something online or see something that was said or you know an action that's been omitted and all kind of corrected as much as i can stay on message or by that but we are very open like i mean. We're all friends within the party. There's no controversies going on. And max is the leader of that lake. I mean we have events all the time we had one. recently. I mean my loves my wife. He spends all his time with my dog. And my kids He's a nice man he's very genuine. He's down to earth. He's not fancy by any means he's definitely the most in shape leader of all of them like. Oh my god. Nobody else runs marathons You know i. All i can say is that the people in boasts really don't understand. I think i think they they forgot how much did for them in that riding when he wasn't elected in two thousand nine thousand nine hundred and they saw that his rival took over and did nothing. Absolutely nothing didn't talk to anybody. In speak-out anyone who basically one of the leaders of dairy cartel didn't do nothing. So max now is now actually that writing. He's very tight within that writing. We think he's probably gonna take it We'd love to see max get elected but the party's more than just max and that's one thing that we really need to kind of put out there. There's so many people who think that were kind of a one trick. Pony maybe and that match would be that perennial you know pony that were riding on his back. But it's not the case. Like i mean you were where to look across the country. We have some candidates like mark freezing. Are you familiar with mark later on twitter. Yeah mark freezes amazing. He sneaks out on behalf. Everyone he's at all these events very intelligent man You know you. Look at laurel in tyler thompson. Who's not a candidate this time around. But she she's still promoting the party with her values. I wanna be in alberta You know very religious background centric. But she's got a huge following Then you look at when you know my candidates self we're everything..

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