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To reduce greenhouse gases. State Republicans are not happy with the revised plan, introducing a bill to study how it will affect Maryland's economy and power grid. Minority leader Jason buckle issued a statement saying in part of the policy quote, it's based on California's economy, California's transportation needs and California's electrical grid. Some frustration today for people trying to do their taxes in Maryland or even just to check on a refund, the state comptroller's office has a computer outage. It means that staffers can't answer your questions about your tax return or your refund status right now. People are seeing an error message on the homepage. Those in charge say this is all because of aging software. They're not sure how long the problems will last. They hope to have answers tomorrow morning. There is one important point your work isn't completely stopped. You can still file your tax return electronically in Maryland, but until the computer systems are restored, the comptroller's office is not able to review information specific to your tax filings. Montgomery county public schools were planned to offer now AP African American studies next year. Superintendent monifa mcknight tells WTO, she's a big proponent of the course, being offered in local schools. For students to make a connection to who they are today and what they need to do in the future. They have to first be able to understand their history and understand their history from a very honest place and perspective. Superintendent monifa mcknight says the AP African American studies corps should help students do just that. So that they can better understand the opportunities that are before them and just to get to know who they are and how they see themselves in history. Montgomery county is expected to pilot the course at ten high school starting in the fall, some Northern Virginia high schools are also planning to offer the course, though it's curriculum is under review by the state, critics say the course has a political agenda. Scott gelman WTO P news. Fairfax county schools are getting rid of a controversial test question in a college level, social studies class. It's multiple choice and ask students to equate liberals and conservatives with particular categories of people. Potential answers for liberals include young white men and middle aged urban lesbians. Answers for conservative include southern male migrant laborer and Catholic Midwestern middle aged male. Fairfax county parent of three students Rory Cooper says this test concerned him he wants to see the full test for himself. So parents could see exactly the type of lessons that our students are learning. I believe sunlight is the best disinfectant. Critics say the online AP government classes indicative of a liberal bias to assign ideologies to specific demographics. It's a theft that's led to anxiety and tears for a soon to be bride here in D.C.. Less than two months from her wedding day and Claudia arango says her expensive gorgeous wedding dress was stolen from her SUV, which was parked by Randolph in 14th streets in northwest D.C.. Every woman's dream is always walking down the aisle with her dress of her dreams and I just feel like that's been robbed from me. Yeah, the time before a wedding is emotional for everyone, but this has made things even more stressful for orango, still she says people have been so nice, women she's never even met, have been offering to give her address that she can wear. All the communities support. I've received has been restoring my faith in humanity. Nick I know a WTO news. Orango is offering a $500 reward to anyone who gives the dress back no questions asked. See photos of it at WTO P dot com. 1108 on WT Michael and sons heating tune up for only $59. Traffic and weather on the 8s and when it breaks, rich hunter in the traffic center. All right, Dimitri traveling on the beltway in Virginia today now narrowed the work sun on the adult that begins on the American legion bridge and extends down toward the doll's toll road single file right now get you by all the way through that work, and so expect some delays from time to time there as a result. A fairfax county authority should with a crash near the intersection of telegraph road in south king's highway, so again, be careful there, police were directing traffic around the two vehicle crash there. 95 south on the work zone set up between one 23 and the Prince William Parkway was only blocking a single right lane, however, a crash involving a tractor trailer possibly too, now ties up the right side at the beginning of that work since you now have to squeeze over to the far left right away to get through that work so once you're clear the crash, it starts to open up because you're back to two left lanes getting by the work for now nothing beyond that headed toward Fredericksburg, Nord found outside a 95 okay as well. Over in college park crash on route one near Berwyn house road, last check still had route one shutdown in both directions as a result of that crash. So far so good on the Maryland beltway through Montgomery and prince George's counties. A heads up if you're traveling 95 southbound headed south of I one 95 toward the bridge over the patapsco river, two left lanes get you by the works on there

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