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Out more we only have less than fourteen minutes together we're just go I want to talk to you about replacing your roof I just did this last year so management okay how can I help you when we had the pretty significant damages I didn't realize I had a leak I knew I had a leak in my kitchen but my daughter called me yesterday should go there I thought the crowd coming from the chandelier SO three letters in the front and the back of my house and I was just wondering if you have any suggestion that the who I could reference you know here's here's the thing let's first start with the materials you're going to use and one of the things that I think happens is that people overpay for roofs and I think it's because you know there are lots of new materials that come out all the time but to save money and to have something that is tested by time in eighty percent of all homes have it and I don't like Sheikh because it is you know very it's very vulnerable for fire but what I do like is composite I bought composite asphalt for my own Ruth now here's what I need you to know about that let's talk about the average lifespan of a composite asphalt shingle it's about fifteen to forty years hello and and I know that's a long time and then but the real thing companies are in fact going to charge you based on the long Ingevity well how long do you really needed to last you needed twenty five years do you need it forty years but then read that warranty what do warranties do they usually protect the manufacturer I bought a war I bought a roof that I don't know they said it's the last twenty five years and I thought do I need a roof that's gonna last forty well then there's all these exclusions on the warranty so I'm thinking are they really going to cover this in forty years so the the answer is I don't know but I do believe that composite asked asphalt is a very good way for people to really reap repair their roofs now as far as people go I only have one referred that I say really nice things about based on experience and that is Joel Beatty and TSC owner of chase roofing construction it is case construction roofing however because chase like the bank you'll know you have the right guy when you look through the website and you will see them volunteering putting roofs in places like Africa and they go when they do this every year they go around the world to impoverished countries places that were hit by bad hurricanes and date roof for free and that tells you something about their their character and their also their ethics are top of the line I recommend them if they cannot help you due to location where you're at they will refer you to someone they trust as much as if they did it themselves and that is the way the best way I can get you is to tell you that that is someone that I trusted and they did my I roofs and I just love those people they're fantastic and I've I've referred them they don't advertise here so they're not paying me to say that they're just really good honest people and if they can't do it they will refer you to those who can't does that help you know where to put the pressure I'll be given a call there you go and tell July said hello he and his lovely wife they're fantastic can we give out these phone numbers quickly and go to.

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