Interpol, Madeleine Mccann, Thirty Day discussed on True Crime Garage - Madeleine McCann /// Part 1 /// 120


I'm revisiting it i think i've listened that one myself at least twice so check out audible find all of your favorite books there get a free audio book with a thirty day trial at audible dot com slash garage sheds debbie dot a u d ib l e dot com slash karate for your free audio book with a thirty day trial that audible dot com slash garage is so much to discuss here captain it would be easy to get off the tracks and it before we get too much into the mccans and the rest of their group let's go through and talk about some of the possibilities ripe because you know we said the search was called off at four four thirty a m that that morning but the search started the quickly after that it started the next morning after police were able to regroup and organize a better search with larger numbers of people searching a larger area bringing in some dogs setting up roadblocks there was a lot of stuff that happened the following day in that didn't turn up any sign of madeleine as well unfortunately it took several days before they were a interpol had announced it you know the anywhere travelling outside of the country they were on high alert for missing girl as well so this quickly became an madeleine mccann quickly became probably the most famous missing person in a very very long time yet things sebeih i heard somewhere that maybe she was the most.

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