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There's record came out which to me kind of like okay that is a typical male response a record by a woman to frame it in terms of who she slept with as generation yeah generation of men in that i guess what i would say is that her experiences are hers just in the same way that bob jones experiences are his leonard cones experiences are his or john lennon's or whoever else you wanna think of as being in the peer group of joni mitchell paul simon they write about their life they write about their loves they write about their sex life they write about what they do and it's their prerogative to do it as artists and nobody's gonna question it and just as question if you're joining mitchell or anybody else right everybody's everybody's life is up for grabs when you're an artist so she's an artist but i also think that the experiences are less important than than the fact that they happen to join mitchell and that joni mitchell then has this way of articulating it she has this way of interpreting it she has this way of expressing hurry action to things that happened to her and so it's not very marketable to you know have a love life pep breakup yes some of these people that she was intimate with were amos but that's pretty typical too if you think about it because people they often hook up with people that same field with what you're saying though if you remove all of that context of who it was specifically that she may or may not have been writing about it's still a masterpiece it's a masterpiece been in fact i think that if you take it for what it should be than it is about intimacy i mean that's part of the story that relationships i think it's fischel to remove it from its intimate content because that's the point.

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