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Robert killed himself who has not true i say breakfast at this morning but it was true governor left a suicide note is death hit marvin heart i could not see that he was within hours of making tattoo permanent final decision how had he missed the warning signs how had he not known that his friend was about to take his own those questioned stayed with market so we started writing letters to organizations that deal with mental health and crisis council one group area women against rape respond the came to san quentin did each marvin in a dozen other inmates counseling techniques we became state certified not only in crisis intervention counseling male sexual assault survivor counseling suicide prevention and we call ourselves brothers keepers inmate suicide is a big problem in california the recent report found the state had one of the highest in may suicide rates in the country between 1999 in 2013 there was an average of thirty one suicides per year that's a suicide every twelve days somewhere in the state prison system lifers like market with almost no hope of release were especially vulnerable to the despair that could lead to suicide longterm incarcerated people started looking at parole like christians look at heaven they just have to have faith it's their marvin held onto the small chance that eat someday get paroled but parole turned out to be one of the paradoxes of prison and marvin was faced with a difficult choice here's attorney susan ruppert some marvin at first when he first got to prison he just kept saying i didn't do it i didn't do it and every time he went up for parole him with i didn't do it and he was told by the parole commissioners and also by guards were advised him look if you don't admit your crime you'll never get out of here he find yourself in a position where they're saying listen you have to tell us as you have to tell you tell me that you to clear this crime you never getting out of prison and then you go back to your cell.

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