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No. So the guy has white salmon, and he's trying to sell it and everyone thinks that same is supposed to be pink. And so that's a challenge for him. So he puts up a sign that says white salmon guaranteed not to turn pink. Turns it around. Yes. Exactly. Like a quality as opposed to defect. When I think of that story. I often think of you because you're also like the guy who refused to make pink refused pink. Absolutely. I've had funny episodes. I was doing tasting. Oh, probably in the the early eighties down in Houston, Texas, and it was kind of a high profile events and people were going around tasting and young woman comes to the table. And she says like tasters infantile as I Puerto loss Zanan, she she said, this isn't Fandel. I said yes it symphony. I made it. I used the grapes, and she said no can't be some adults wrong color. She says this is fragile. You're adding food color to it. I'm said, no, no, I'm smart. This is just try and tell me like it. And so she hops off with a glass of wine, she's out with their friends, and you can see her. She's kinda just dictating and going on man. This guy's a fraud now, but trying to pull off here and her friends are probably a little more knowledgeable. So they they're like that guys in the Smithsonian now that was waiting. I just can't. And so she comes back a little while later. And she says, I'm sorry. My friends inform you that it is actually a red grape. And I like yours infinite. So ravens would it's amazing that it started so small and became so huge the arc of your career is incredible. Most people just don't do it that way most people if they sell the winery, they leave and you became like a winemaker for constellations. So you started with this bonded shack, basically equipment. And then you go up to eight hundred thousand cases a year. Wasn't that fast? Wasn't like it was the next day. It was you know, it was a slow like a slow and painful kind of thing I worked second job. I ended up having Morgan in nineteen Eighty-one, and I had already married a woman who had a seven year old daughter. So I had kids and I had to keep that going. And so I worked at the snow valley hospital ran the clinical laboratory on the nights Senate weekend. So that allowed me some time to make wine during the day and Martine Prodi was not my last stop the next. Stop was the steel building at the end of deadman's curve on the son-jok mo- property was leased by manage honor. And I like to refer to this space as the former gourmet toilet seat shop because George made oak toilets toilet paper rolls, and there were very hot during that period of time oak decor was like it. You know, like if you could have an oak toilets, you were like sitting pretty and he had had to take the steel building and spray the inside with. Cycled newspapers because the players were so noisy there deafening. And so the newspaper would absorb it. But it turned out to be pretty good insulation. So for me, it was like, wow. I mean, I'm in the town of cinema. This is in the town cinema. I actually had a short flirtation with Emoryville as well. But we won't go there that was totally illegal and found out that Georgia's landlords were the son Giacomo 's and when George terminated his lease. I ended up leasing from the San Giacomo and their family actually started out Vittorio came over from Italy. And he was one of the founding people for sunset scavenger, which was the garbage collector for San Francisco still is and as that got bigger he ultimately sold his share in sunset and came to cinema because he wanted to be former which would have been formerly and planted Peres as. As the primary crop because there was a big Del Monte plant that was relatively close in cordelia. And he grew pairs and he built his family, and he had three boys and a daughter Lorraine and Bob who ultimately went into the business with him Lorraine, actually became a nurse, and she kind of took care of their parents in their old age..

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