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Of the New Nation in Labrador are furious and they're accusing a government minister of racism. Perry trimmer is the minister of the environment and Municipal Affairs for the for Newfoundland Labrador last night. He was leaving a message on the phone of an employee with the New Nation Executive Council. He thought he'd hung up but he hadn't and in the conversation that followed all of which was recorded he makes some inappropriate remarks. He says the New People feel like they have a quote. God given right to services and he also accuses members of the nation of using quote the race card the national don't play. I don't play that I'll be that was minister. trumper saying quote the race card comes up all the time. Don't play that on me on quote. Minister trumper was leaving a voicemail message for dominic rich before he made those comments mister rich works as an executive assistant with the New Nation Council. We reached him in happy. Valley Goose Bay Mr Rich when you heard that voice mail message last night coming from a government minister. What did you think the the first reaction was total shock total shock. I could not believe what I was listening to the contents of that voice mail. I had two lists list. That's two or three if not four times to bring myself to the reality what this person was saying on on my voicemail and we should point out that he left he was a paratrooper that the minister for the environment for Linux Labrador he left he was leaving you a message and then I guess he well. He didn't hang up properly and so it continued he was having what appears to be a conversation with somebody in the room. Describing what he thought of the the issue that he was he was calling you about so that's what we're we're hearing in that the race card clip right yes he she didn't hang up and that's when continue on with this candidate conversation he had with this other individual the piece we played the part where he says the race card comes up all all the time. Don't play that on me. What else did he say that was disturbing to you that context what he was saying was very diminishing the concerns my concerns as a forty member's district and the other thing that he said was that a feeling of God given right people feel that they're they feel that a god given rights this parts of the tape that we transcribed what he's saying to somebody else in the room in new guy on the phone he's upset set. They're accusing us of having bias. They think it's their God given right to have translations and he says it's not a god given right for for us to provide services and the race card comes up all the time. I've been thirty years working with those guys. Don't play that on me at some of off of what he has to say and that does very disturbing what you just said those words and in terms of the bias we never said anything about bias or mentioned anything anything about bias at all all. I wanted for my aim. Hi who represents me to remedy the situation in terms of translation that was it that's all I can you explain what it was because this concerns in New People are getting driver's licenses and wanting to have during the written party the examination someone to help them with translation which happens in many many constituencies. What were you asking from the government of Newfoundland Labrador in that regard for the last over a decade co twenty years. I've been translated for financial institutions to the thanks when people are the eldest one translate for the bank killer loans among other stuff and not only that I translated as in correctional institutions van this a specific thing involving the driver's licenses examining twenty years closer to twenty years and I was told when I first when I came in there Mr Mr Rich you will not provide a translation under initial examining tests the personal will do on their own if they fail then the driver examiner will assist with that person and that still fails. Let me remind you that the driver examiner does not speak anymore which is my language and today also so it's the international language stage today. Just remind you as well and a third. That's where I will come into play to provide translation not just me but other people to keep it so it doesn't have to what would you were told. After all these years of translating a into Enu for people in these tests there said that only if they have a failed the test twice after the second time then someone can come in and you're saying and these are people we should point out that some of them need. These licenses for employment for class for half of them are more need. They're driving lessons to assist and help them with the drivers. Who Endure implement capacity. Is that what he wanted to talk to. Perry trumper about when he sent this phone that was that was that was the part I was going to talk to him about but also I'm not the only one that provides are able to speak English into English their other friends and colleagues of mine with can do it because of my workload. I could another comedy because a lot of travel brings to my work and that's when I wanted to talk to Mr Trump said look. Let's put it as fifteen years ago and just anybody can walk in and translate for them to says in this to this person in the room. It's not a god given right for us to provide services but is it illegal right for you to get the service inspires you know yes of course Canada. There's two languages English and French and when I say I also go to the provincial course course translate people the judge usually as the cues. Do you need a translator. We have one on our staff legal rights as a legal right but let's not forget the senior high official person in the House Assembly of Nuclear Labrador made a very strong racist remarks and that's very disturbing you've known him. You've worked with Perry trimmed per for for years. He's come to so many events and so. How does this change your relationship now with him. I'm very sore sure that relationship is going to change when others in your community here this is there they are now. What effect do you think is going to have on. Them is going to have a very tremendous effect. It's not just me is collectively as Ino and I I'm just last with words right now to be honest with you just to rectify the inequity. I don't know I'm just lost with words. What can you say someone that you trust so many years who was set next to to you when the feast winded the lowest point of your life to highs times of your life years later you find this what the true nature of a person you feel betrayed very strongly the very threat of being ino- very being the very core shook me when I listen listen to this this context and I'm still in process right now. I'm still in shock. Mr Rich. I appreciate you speaking with us and we're going to ask some questions of the government mm-hmm but thank you for speaking with us now. Thank you currently have a great one by dominic rich works for the new nation's Executive Council. We reached him in happy. Valley Goose Bay after that interview missed Minster Perry trumper responded to the comments he made on that voicemail message he told CBC quote vote regardless if it was recorded or not I shouldn't have said it. Unquote.

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