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And that's what's so tragic about all of this it's institutionalizing and coercing what we know to be untrue. You know there's just not an easy answer to that if you're working for a company that that that isn't requiring you to affirm the the moral revolution contrary to scripture. But you have to fill out a form. Excuse me if if you are male and you can say he him. That's not untrue. It's it's ridiculous but it's not untrue. it's it's true. The problem is that that implies an entire worldview and this is where we're headed we're headed to the fact that students who are going to be applying for colleges and universities people teenagers applying for their first job. A lawyer who wants to become partner to offer all of this is now going to be demanded of us. And it's going to. It's going to take a lot of really clear thinking which we can't always we can't always come up with the policy upfront. But we better convictions. Upfront yes i definitely agree with the idea that stating your preferred pronouns or putting it in the signature for your email if you work for a particular company it acknowledges in a particular world view that gender identity is different than biological sex which we just. Don't believe biologically or biblically to be true. It's just not a reality that is founded in science or any kind of Theological truth so doing courage people to resist his as much as you possibly can. And of course we don't believe in in burying false witness against someone and so we don't believe in lying about someone saxes separate than their gender identity. It is very complicated. And i think some pushback that in particular conservative christians get is well. That's not loving your neighbor and not using preferred pronouns or not affirming. someone's gender identity is unloving and hateful and jesus was just all about love. How can you empower someone to of refute that argument that they may get from progressive visit progressive christians. Allie beth one of the first principles of christian thinking is what's called the the unity of the transcendental and that sounds very abstract but it comes down to the fact that the bible presents the good the beautiful and the true as the same thing the beautiful the true and the loving as the same thing and the reason they're united in in one is because it's god who is infinitely loving as god is the source of all love god who's infinitely true and and so god's not divisible the the good beautiful and the true the loving it's all the same which means telling a lie is never loving it means telling someone the truth a refusing to tell someone the truth themselves never loving it means that just say bearing false witness is actually to break god's command so obviously the the.

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