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I would love to be my brother clay we actually want to start we joke about starting your own podcast called to peace to pods is because we're like so complete officers like no one can believe we came from the same parents and we think opposite on everything except survivor and conor mcgregor the only things we agree on but anyway sorry that so long closer to a survivor podcast by being on survivor and i know that that's like the ultimate ambition so playing first and then podcasting second like you're very close to your dream i well i was so excited because i i guess guess i shouldn't be talking this is with a different outlet but that's okay we're all friends okay so i was so excited because one of my questions got like on second chance i s i called in and said something about like isn't that everyone underestimating kelly wentworth sneaky sneaky and i was like so that was a huge moment for our family ruling make it there and we think back to that day and really give only we knew we were it would actually go so i'm a huge fan of survivor the show and i love watching it i love following the community and i'm just so grateful to have made it this far and if i hadn't gone through that we ask crazy year i sure as hell wouldn't be sitting here so i'm i'm really think that allows you to apply so i actually i this is my second time applying i applied the year before kind of before right before all of the things started to go crazy and um than i apply the year later in because my life was.

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