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It's jordan jesse go jetsetting jesse thorn jordan morris boy detective steve ag read the matrix didn't understand it i saw the matrix in college yeah i mean like in a class in college she like it know about are you serious on consciousness or whatever i hated it so much and then for some reason i saw i wanna say it was matrix three might have been matrix two would had cornell west in it which matrix said cornell western it like there's cornell two and three both we'll never know which one it was it had it had a lot of those kind of scenes where everyone is dancing and industrial nightclub that's too where it's like the big mass orgy where everyone's dancing on sure yeah that's their mid they've got a tough but but look how look how mazing the real world is people haven't taken the blue pill or whatever the pill was i genuinely die kind of spaced out in the first one intermittently and lost i did i genuinely didn't understand it so by the time i didn't understand the first one and was watching it on a standard definition television at the back of entered the back of an american studies classroom who you know they said that there were people accusing the child skis of stealing that script you know the original matrix japanese animators yeah i seeing the second two movies was like maybe they did steal that first script because the second they wrote on their own exactly yeah i mean i think i think seems like in the second one's people they were like you know what people liked about that first one oh the kind of you know unique and novel approach to action scenes no it was the stony philosophical this you're going to say the the what they believe that people really liked about the first one was new types of dreadlocks sure right yeah right ethnicities right like pointy white dreadlocks the colored garden guys with blonde dreadlocks the color dark green yeah okay here we go we have some sponsors on this week's program above and beyond the witch house keys i hear that what says speed racer i heard that's fun no here's what here's the here's the good part about speed racer because there are a lot of speed racer is good guys out there and i think there's just a just a just my own observe ation down speed racer is good overlaps with the star wars prequels were good okay wow so but there is a part in speed racer also is that also group that overlaps with every movie i've ever seen as good i i don't know how to pin down this kind of okay let's say man but here's the part about the speed racer movie that i did like and i will remember forever and you know to its credit they're not a lot of parts of movies that i feel like i will remember forever so this movie that i guess as a whole i did not like did have one part that i did really like john goodman is fighting an joe and he is picked the ninja up over his head and his doing a wrestling twirl move to the ninjas twirling around like a pizza pie when sure russell wwe big hot a pizza yeah big pizza pie it's a real spicy meetable he's toiling this ninja and shit flying at twirling this said before van hits his right let like a big ninja guy noon to hear twirl in this ninja and shit flying out of the ninjas pocket so all these knives and ninja stars are flying out of the pockets and they're hitting the wall sim trivial for and so there's a ninja start flies out of the hits the wall and then the ninjas kice flam but it just the idea that the like house keys he would he would always you're going to get back into his house sneak anyway to random looks good in it now always beautiful woman plays speed racer who boy i think one of those guys who was supposed to be famous and then was not an a meal hirsch type any meal her a hayden christianson speaking prequels might be it it might be hate might maybe this was his follow up to the prequels i don't know it is a meal her confirmation late ago steve ag an expert in the stars that never were if you're trying to be a.

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