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Surprising report from the nation's automakers sales of new vehicles, accelerated three tenths of a percent over last year with seventeen point two million cars, SUV's and trucks being sold. Some analysts thought that sales would dip with rising vehicle prices higher interest rates and the choppy stock market in two thousand eighteen cars made up only thirty two percent of sales. Most people were buying SUV's and trucks with Ford's F-series pickups, the top selling vehicle in the US. I'm Jacky Quin. Olivia Newton John says she is doing just fine. Olivia Newton John announced in September that she is fighting cancer for the third time. Tabloids recently published reports that she is dying with just weeks to live Newton John posted a video online in which she looks healthy and says she's doing great just want to say that the. Have been greatly exaggerated. That's AP's margins are up. I'm listening to the digital news network. The NFL is partnering with Caesars entertainment as its first official casino sponsor the multi year deal. Does not include sports betting or fantasy football Caesar's will drawn its properties. Celebrity chefs music artists and other entertainment platforms to provide NFL fans. With unique experiences Caesar's will have exclusive rights to NFL trademarks and the us and United Kingdom including the Super Bowl and draft. And it'll host parts of the twenty twenty draft a number of teams already have advertising agreements with casinos including the Cowboys ravens saints in raiders. The former Soviet Republic of tuck minute stone will sharply limit the sale of alcohol now that it's authoritarian president has made physical fitness atop initiative a needle that took effect on Tuesday forbids, the sale of alcoholic drinks, including beer on trains, airplanes, and ferries and sports facilities. It also bans the sale of alcohol on holidays. When workers get the day off the law calls for alcohol sales to be banned on Saturdays and Sundays beginning in twenty twenty one except Boston restaurants, took minutes stones presidents who has ruled the mostly Muslim central Asian nation since late two thousand and six is frequently shown on state TV horseriding and weightlifting part of his plan includes making the country tobacco free by twenty twenty five. The Dutch coast guard is warning the public to stay away from some of the two hundred and seventy containers the to Congo ship. Lost off the northern coast of the Netherlands. It said three containers carry closed off barrels of an organic, peroxide. A flammable and highly toxic compound the container. Ship is suspected to have lost a cargo that included toys like bulbs and flat screens during an overnight storm of the coastal border between Germany and the Netherlands by mid afternoon on Wednesday more than twenty containers had washed ashore on the Watson islands in the North Sea. Some beaches on the islands already. So research of curious people checking out what washed up shutdown votes coming. I'm Tim Maguire AP newsman at the house is voting on a pair of budget Bill designed to fully reopened the government one extends funding for homeland security in the next month at current levels with no additional money for the border wall. House speaker Nancy Pelosi telling reporters take yes. For an answer opened up government. Give us a month for us to negotiate what this package could be seven people are dead in a fiery crash on a Florida interstate a number. Of others are hospitalized. Some in critical condition Florida highway patrol says too big rigs and two passenger vehicles were involved. At least one truck fuel tank was ruptured, sparking a fire state troops state troopers say they are investigating and are trying to identify those who were killed charges expected tomorrow against two former South Carolina sheriff deputies who were transporting to mental patients.

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