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Ninety three WIBC h. Indianapolis or with Democrats. I'm Pam who sell Fox News. That's what President Trump says needs to be done to achieve great health care. He spoke briefly at the White House ahead of last night's congressional ball of everybody's smart because we have a lot of Democrats here tonight. And I'm very happy about that people don't realize it. I have a lot of friends who had Democrats on Friday night. A federal judge in Texas struck down the healthcare law calling it unconstitutional and invalid Democrats are United in condemning that ruling more questions than answers surrounding the death of a seven-year-old migrant girl who died while in the custody of US border patrol agents. The Associated Press has seen a foreign filled out by the border patrol agents after they stopped the seven year old girl and her father in New Mexico. She was traveling with more than one hundred sixty migrants who were all arrested the form said she had no visible signs of sweating or trauma and appeared in good health. It appears to have also been signed by her father. Fox's Jessica Rosenthal. Lawyers for the girl's family say she did. Not suffer from a lack of food or water before being picked up by authorities twenty five thousand dollars. That's the reward being offered for information leading to the location or the safe return of missing Colorado mother, Kelsey Berith, the cash put up by an anonymous donor was last seen publicly entering a Safeway grocery store and woodland park. Colorado on thanksgiving, November twenty second her fiance said he last saw her that same day when he met with tariffs to pick up their daughter, ten days later bear mom reported. Her missing. Fox's Jeff Paul property belonging to Baratheon say Patrick phrase is being searched the French city of Strasbourg is remembering the four people shot and killed last week near a Christmas market. A memorial was held today near the site where the gunman opened fire. He was also killed in a shootout with police two days later..

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