Tillerson, President Trump, Hamas discussed on Hugh Hewitt


Of people have had to run for their lives has ferocious wildfires continued burning across southern california arlene jordan had to evacuate her home in ventura county and says she lost everything every yeah we got out the dog ernie his her dog food about a threat brought it and the outlook is not good way is expected to cost up to eighty miles per hour making firefighting pretty much impossible as more of his senate colleagues call for him to resign senator al franken will make some kind of announcement later today minnesota democrat the target of numerous sexual misconduct allegations the latest allegation came from a former congressional aide who says franken tried to forcibly kiss her in two thousand six the latest disclosures i think have been reached a tipping point though franken strongly denies the allegation illinois dick durban the number to democrats as frank it needs to step down kirsten jila brand was the first to say and should send a message by resigning women and that this kind of behavior is unacceptable frank scheduled an announcement four today is office did not say about what but democrats expect him to resign the cds held for eight years saga remain ghani washington everywhere those email attachments assad ever attack has slowed government computers to a crawl and back lindbergh county north carolina's most populous county that includes the city of charlotte a senior hamas leader calling for an antiisrael uprising in response to president trump's recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel that carry state tillerson says moved fairly recognizes reality now futures are up eight points nasdaq futures ahead 26 more of these stories town hallcom hello anyone there hey unitedhealthcare adding your way thank goodness boston.

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