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The when i came to university chicago um i took on the leadership of a group called the center for research and products which is a forty person group that runs all the research products for our divisions do we do things like um all the all of the highthroughput genomic at analyses we run the clinical research data warehouse which um is all of our uh clinical data from our epoch medical records if they're making better available for research of we uh build applications to support all different types of clinical research and clinical trial um and then we have our own systems team that does all of our own hit the compliance storage and highperformance computing so i've been although i still be patient than work in the hospital i actually spend most the right i am now directing dissenter and trying to help um you know make research available to the other folks on catholics here and outsider epa while at state eu we only in the box meeting where role he seemed she learning improved that action healthcare um but before we get into that we were curious why did the old way afflicted all i look like the old at the data was eating really actionable obermann w m predict a modeling and add machine learning and better off for a long time even in the late '60s people were starting to you know look pick about machine learning and and medical data and building expert predictions systems in one of the earliest systems wife to try to predict whether patients out of undecided star not using our data from our data from patient than than from medical records this has been around for almost fifty years now but it's only banned the lap uh you know 10 to 20 years that we've had a real um explosion in the kinds of data we can use to make these prediction of little bubble the situation now is that we have these barged medical records systems uh that were debra collecting using all the patient by chronic health data and we can take oath data if think the mouth we can take this data and and use those for for more advanced types of machine learning the plenty badgers we have a university chicago is that our clinical research data warehouse it was really good at taking that uh information act indeed medical records.

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