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History. After retiring from competitive figure skating, she has done a lot of things from writing her memoir to being chosen as a public diplomacy ambassador for both George W. Bush's presidency as well as Barack Obama's presidency. In that role, Kwan has been on diplomatic trips representing the U.S.. Her 1998 autobiography heart of a champion was published by scholastic and has had multiple printings. Additionally, she has written other inspirational books and been a supporter of a variety of causes like the special Olympics. It's amazing how many awards and recognitions she's received over the years. It would take another segment to listen them all, but here are a few noteworthy highlights. In 2001, she received the James E Sullivan award given to America's best amateur athlete. At the time, the last figure skater to be honored was Dick Button in 1949. In 2003, the U.S. Olympic Committee selected her as sportswoman of the year. They also selected her as the athlete of the month a record 14 times. And by record, we mean for anyone, figure skater or not, male or female. The U.S. figure skating association through their skating magazine chose her as figure skater of the year a record 7 times. And after the 7th time, they renamed the award to the Michelle Kwan trophy. She's been honored by the Los Angeles Chinese American museum as well as the Los Angeles Chinese historical society of Southern California, when they were celebrating Chinese Americans in sports. There is a whole slew of other rewards she's received as well that center around the impact she made in popular culture. They're truly may never be another figure skater as dominant and as beloved. This Olympics there will be several Asian Pacific Americans to cheer for with most of them in figure skating. Although there's a history of this representation, it's still something to celebrate and be proud of. As always, we like to follow up our main story with short recurring segments. This is a segment called highlighting organizations. And today's organization is gold house futures..

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