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There were so wasn't in the thirties, seventy five. It was twenty one. Now it's twenty nine percent or last year and legal under, only under certain circumstances. Fifty fifty fifty fifty one fifty fifty two fifty to fifty to fifty one fifty fifty four fifty you go all the way back. This has been consistent. Well over sixty percent in this case, sixty eight percent of Americans say abortion should be legal either illegal eighteen percent or legal, only under certain circumstances, a small radical sick twisted demented minority. Says legal under any circumstances. What do use it as birth control? Go ahead. What a kill the baby at eight months or when you're delivering it at nine months. Go ahead. Changed your mind. Don't think you what that baby after nine months kill it. Frankly, I'm shocked that it's twenty nine percent. But that's what it is. But it's twenty nine percent folks. You watch the media, the phony fake, fraudulent media, and what and you get the impression that it's if you don't agree with them. You're not. No, they're the nut. They're out of touch, and they know it, who they gotta do is Google this poll. And then kluber charts seventy seventy something percent of gimme a break. I don't care what cockamamie question you come up with and get the desire answer. These are the questions should it be legal under any circumstances legal under certain circumstances illegal in all circumstances. Those are the questions. Don't tell me where Americans are, and justify your slaughter of innocent life, based on your cockamamie nonsense. And then there's, I'm sorry. Probably. Well, there could be that could be a contest for the lowest IQ in the democratic field. But right up there. I might put my money on Kristen gillibrand. Oh my God. These people, what are their twenty four them now, she's got to be running most of them because I guess they make money out of this. When people contribute to that campaign, what do they do? They get to keep it at the end. I don't think they give it back. I don't know what they could use it for legally. But, but this to be I mean, people like this, the Jila does she even have a percent two percent one percent. Cory booker. But she'll LeBron shila brand, she knows where the people stand here. She was talking about abortion. She's gonna she's. Well, let's actually said, let's do seven. I seven I she's a lead that people she's get a lead the nation in going for, for the right to kill your baby. Here's seven I guy can leave a movement in a fight across this nation for women's reproductive freedom. This is an all out of salt state after state of thirty nine efforts in this country to undermine women's reproductive freedoms, President Trump intends on overturning Roe v. Wade, he's made it clear, not only in his campaign, but as president, and that's what these Republican legislatures are doing across this country. I've ascending women have to fight back on and I will leave that fight. She's good a lead that fight. I got news for you Kerr Kirsten. Kristen kirsten. I think nobody knows who you, are you leading nothing. You're gonna lead nothing. Did I read that FOX this FOX have her for a town hall? Are you kidding? See that's why we're doomed. There's no, there's really no more FOX there. Sean, this Tucker and his Laura, but you know, until those contracts were out, but, but there's no more real FOX really I make Bernie. I could see Fernie. I could see if you could get Biden. I could see it. But Kirsten gillibrand. I if I'm wrong, then I'm wrong and I apologized. But, but, but if I think I read that a town hall Kirsten Jila. Are you kidding me? For what? Now, here's number eight, I want you to hear number eight and they're asking Merican today, do believe in the precedent of Roe v. Wade.

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