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And 19th Street When they arrived, they found a 36 year old man with stab wounds. He died at the scene. 43 year old man has been arrested and booked into jail for first degree murder in Tacoma, Frank Lindsay Co. Moh news and police trying to figure out what led up to the stabbing. Someone set a Kent police car on fire yesterday afternoon, Chief Rafael Padilla spoke with us. This incident was witnessed by a bystander here on City Hall campus, one of our Kent employees and to them I want to say thank you. They're quick actions to report. This allowed us to respond quickly and take the mound of custody. Damage is said to be limited. Nobody injured. Law enforcement advocates warn police use of force might become even more deadly if certain forceful tactics are banned. Camilla's court would hate has more house Bill 10 54 would make certain kinds of police equipment and a number of control and restraint tactics illegal statewide as we see it, choke holds and neck restraints are way too risky for Shandra pickup is with the Washington Coalition for Police Accountability, and the data shows that they are prominently used on black and brown people. But James McMahon, with the State Association of Sheriffs and Police chief says The bill removes tactics police use instead of guns, choke holder and neck restraint could be employed to avoid the use of deadly force. The interest of public safety demand that these techniques be available along with choke holds, the bill would ban officers from firing on moving vehicles. It would prohibit police use of tear gas armored vehicles and unleashed canine officers. Corwin Hague Co. Moh news to Seattle police officers are under investigation now because they were in Washington D. C for the insurrection of the U. S. Capitol comes Michelle Esteban talked to the director of the Office of Police Accountability and Admire Berg. Meyer Berg says photos allegedly put the officers in D. C and they're working right now the isolators many third party videos as possible. From the day of the attack. They'll also interviewed the officers to ask them. What happened. Both Opa and the chief say the investigation is about public trust and transparency, and it is possible that the two officers were exercising their First Amendment rights said nothing else, but the chief also wants his department policies upheld. Opa is also investigating whether those officers violated SPD is professional and discretionary policies. And not undermine public trust. What was the intense What was their purpose in going? I think those are the questions that we really want to look at. Michelle Esteban come on, is the FBI warning about plans for armed protests at all? 50 state capitals and in Washington, D C leading up to President elect Joe Biden's inauguration and internal FBI bulletin warns that the nationwide protests may start later this week. And extend through January. 20th. The Washington State Fusion Center works with federal and local agencies on counterterrorism, Lieutenant Kurt Boyle says they're gathering intelligence, and we have to make sure that if we sing something that the media threat, we can get it to the right people as quickly as possible. With the most accurate information. We only have one chance to get it right. The FBI says it respects the rights of individuals to peacefully exercise their First Amendment rights. And it's focuses on those threatening their safety and the safety of other citizens with violence and property destruction. Come on, Whose time 12 09. By the way, if you were wondering about how you can access local legislative sessions, virtually t V W is gonna broadcast every meeting floor session and press conference of this session, which started just yesterday. Remote testimony could be arranged on any bill up to an hour before the committee meeting. Zuma meetings can also be scheduled to speak directly with legislators. It's 12 10 a coma time for an update on sports.

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