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Dot com all right so it's a busy day Charlie Kirk dominates in Arizona forty point eight points that's the top wide receiver of the day and right behind him at thirty seven point two we fight Gary is slated right there below him is Tyree kill with thirty six points Thomas in New Orleans with thirty one point two and then there's I'm sorry it's Christian Kirk I thought so but I'd you said it's competently had to double check it what are who I said to Charlie Kirk cheese I'm sorry I just wanted to make sure I have no idea wait a second hold on a second we're gonna have to go through and make sure that I didn't all like Jeez that's that's not the right person I just wanna make sure people know who won their fantasy team did well and they all that are that they're thinking they got to go pick somebody up this week Kristin Kirk I apologize that is a very unfortunate slip I apologize to Christian out there Christian Kirk led the league lake right now with forty point eight points but only for guys in the thirties and it doesn't look like anybody is going to catch up to them anytime soon as far as any the wide receivers plate right now Landry in Cleveland had twenty four point seven that's the dip from Thomas so Landry as far as top forty top five Golden State with twenty four points running backs Derek can we got the ball like thirty times today thirty six points Jones in Tampa twenty three point six Gordon this was from Thursday night still right there to top with twenty three points to Joe mixing with twenty points those the only guys to crack twenty again we still have McCaffrey playing at Jones in Green Bay even balance sheet in the bottom there nobody at the moment is cracking twenty points top quarterback performance today dangled Jones thirty four point two points but right below him was Lamar Jackson at thirty three point four Bob holds in his return thirty two points Kyler Murray thirty points only guys to crack thirty today Josh Alan James Winston Salem Donald in the twenties but really mid to low twenties and right now you've got Ryan Fitzpatrick because even Arab Rogers a slow start defense of note today would be the Baltimore Ravens they played really well especially because they went up against the Cincinnati Bengals entidades you had two guys in the twenties Travis Kelsey marketers ahead of them with twenty three point three points but Kelsey finished with twenty points how bout O. J. Howard I think a lot of people thought that guy was all the I. OR and J. Howard came back from the dead with for cheap well I'm happy for that young man because he's been victim I think of James Winston's regression the most down there Tampa Bay that was a huge day for OJ how're not all of this of course brought to us by roof is T. dot com where you can find out more about the award winning barbecue products and rubs eight side shader SBNation radio at shared the show is how you get me on Twitter mentioned coming up at seven minutes will look a little deeper into what that means for the Baltimore ravens the biggest positive statement by a winner today and if you get it doesn't mean that you can't be part of an upset like Tennessee doesn't mean you can't celebrate if you're the Cleveland Browns but the biggest statements made by a winning program today by team with playoff and now Super Bowl aspirations I think is the Baltimore Ravens and will explain a little bit more coming up in the next segment just looking at where we are right now with these three games going on it's at the half and I don't know with as predicted so much is maybe a little more disappointing right a lawyer had a full week for the Miami Dolphins lawyer did not come in this was not a late scratch no this was aids I'll pay now Chicago where you found out late last night most likely if not early today by the way that the staff is a plan so we got to go to back up this is a full week of preparation and that's what I think is most disappointing for this call Steve because you can't just let down all right you don't have to Kobe percent who's played really well this year you don't have T. Y. Hilton you already knew that as well these are not last minute things that you have to adjust that I think is not an excuse well this isn't leveling on what the states it's gone at the Miami Dolphins are a bad football team right but for Brian Hoyer and this offense to muster up nothing and full horror to throw two interceptions and look as if he'd just stepped into this game that is teetering on head scratching this offense with Frank right they should have been looking better they should have been more prepared and they should not have been subjected to multiple mistakes look right fits Patrick is not dominating don't know why is part of another is balance this is big short fields this is big points off turnovers and a field goal of turnovers this is big the colts allowing the dolphins to get these points on the board it's not even the colts go three and out by any moves the football down the field and scores elsewhere the Packers with the football deep in the road territory though second at thirteen on their own seven they leave the Pat there's fourteen ten this five minutes left so expect more of an explosive offense a couple of chances down the field here as they try to get out of the situation and move the football maybe even get another strike up against the Panthers a lot of might get the ball back in depending on how really going on how the flow of this game has been so far you'd expect the Packers take a shot or two maybe that means they had the ball over maybe they just get on the board faster but you would think Carolina will get the ball back one more time is it's not third at thirteen red said Steelers still tied at seven this was gonna be going on for a little bit the seven minutes left in the second quarter so the rams unable to pull away can't really penetrate deep into Pittsburgh's territory Goff it company did not been moving the football as deep as anticipated and yeah I get it you know you you're down but it doesn't mean it down Cooper cop does it mean in fact that again everything just troubles this is like yes the concern that people had of this offense that it would be a little sluggish with this track I think it's more a matter of Pittsburgh's defense played a little better than anticipated ravens with a huge statement today gets the bangles more of what the Packers could do with a victory how about the Panthers it'll not out of it by any means trailing by for showing that they can go back and forth so the total with three day at least in the first half to be a pretty big statement by Caroline if they get away with this as.

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