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Eight aircraft crashed in Ethiopia over the weekend killing all one hundred fifty seven people on board. Correspondent David McKenzie says more countries now have decided to ground the aircraft China Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, if European the Caymans Mongolia, if he's charge it that's just a partial list of all of those countries and airliners that have grounded this brand new type of play also added to that list this morning. The u k funeral services for slain McHenry county deputy Jacob Kellner are set for Wednesday morning at Woodstock high school. Yesterday Floyd Brown the man accused of shooting and killing Kellner appeared in Rockford courtroom. No plea was entered no bond sat. He's back in court March. Twentieth faces local and federal charges. Meanwhile, the one hundred club of Chicago's expanding its mission to help Cutler's family more on the story from Kathy Volker, one hundred club of Chicago's mission is to provide for families of first responders who lost their lives in the line of duty and cook and lake counties. But they're expanding their service area to McHenry county now, and we'll help the wife and two young boys of McHenry county sheriff's deputy, Jake Kellner thirty five year old Kellner was shot and killed last week while attempting to serve a warrant to a known fugitive in Rockford Joey her and CEO of the hundred club of Chicago joined John how Monday on WLS we were out on Saturday to meet with Becky, the the wife and the family to provide immediate financial support starts in. It starts at just an immediate fifty thousand dollars just to take care of them. And then of course. What's really important for the deputies to children is educational assistance for the for the future? If you want to help, go to one hundred clubs Chicago dot org and make a donation, Kathy. Volkmar WLS AM eight nine empire actor jussie smollet expected at a hearing to discuss whether cameras will be allowed in the courtroom during his disorderly conduct case spokeswoman for small that's attorneys says the actor is expected to attend the hearing Cook County criminal court today. Grand jury indicted smollet last week on sixteen felony counts accusing him of lying to the police about being the victim of a racist and homophobic attack by two masked men in downtown Chicago police alleged smollet staged the attack January twenty ninth because he was unhappy with his salary and wanted to promote his career WLS news time ten oh, four.

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