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Nexstar media group station 62 shatters the degrees South suburban and high clear school skies community at 101 WGN good morning I'm James traffic Sears a looking deadly at crash these Stevenson still is closed looking good northbound authorities between Central and Cicero still avenues have and not released that's due the to an names accident of the two everything South Elgin high else school students killed in a crash Thursday morning officials say it happened around 7 o 'clock when 14 girls in a Honda Civic and a semi truck collided the impact sending them into nearby cornfields and forcing crews to remove the roof of the Civic Kurt Johanson is principal of it's South Elgin one high school of those things that you hope it's you never have to go through one unspeakable, girl died right? maybe at the scene another at the hospital a the two other 47 girls year are old recovering man that as well attempted as the to driver ambush of the responding truck the firefighters cause of in the his home has been charged and will be in bond corps today WGN's coven Wells reports Melvin Jordan of Auburn Gresham has been charged charged with seven firefighters felony investigated counts fire in including his garage two and counts then the of attempted alleged first smell -degree of murder gas in after his he basement called once 911 the two to came upstairs, have Jordan then tried to without attack them injury. with a Governor knife J but .B. firefighters Pritzker is fought touting him Illinois' off called booming recreational for backup pot and eventually industry, escaped which has without already pulled in about 450 million dollars to state and local governments. He says much of that money is actually coming in from neighboring states. from the cannabis industry We are comes getting from almost people coming a to third Illinois or roughly and thirty spending percent money of the at revenue that dispensaries. we get Barrington Missouri Hills for is almost the a only state week has that has been legalized captured. marijuana that Police say borders the owner Illinois. contacted a The professional cattle escaped catching bull service running to wild track through down the animal. The bull will be relocated. The village of Barrington Hills thanks the public for their help. WGN Sports is promoting Time him 103. to take The over the roles White formerly Sox officially held by introduced Ken Chris Williams and Goetz Rick Hahn as before their their new firing senior vice last president week. and general manager Chairman Jerry Jerry Reinsroft said he didn't want to interview anyone outside the organization because he believes the 40 year old Goetz can turn the team's fortunes around quickly Kupferberg is the first in Detroit tonight. Cubs also had Kupfmann Thursday he out says prior to has today's no intentions day night of doubleheader selling the in team. Cincinnati. White Sox return The Bears are taking the weekend up for in Nebraska preparations 13 for next to Sunday's 10. regular Chris Bowden season WGN opener. sports. Begin Monday in college football We'll last night. see Minnesota plenty of defeated sunshine with heat building as we head into the holiday weekend. Our Friday sunny highs in the mid 80s inland right around 80

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