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Cards were in the names of identity theft victims material has now been indicted by a federal grand jury. Prosecutor. Say he has admitted to obtaining unemployment benefits by using thousands of stolen identities. Alex Stone, ABC News, Los Angeles and after Shiloh, both facing charges of physical and emotional abuse by ex girlfriend F. K a twigs that you were in a relationship from 2018 to 2019. The lawsuit filed in a Los Angeles Superior Court, claiming Leboeuf is dangerous. The actor in an email to the New York Times said there are quote no excuses for his alcoholism or aggression. You neon ABC News. What can give you a competitive edge in today's red hot housing market rocket can. That's because Rocket mortgage can give you a verified approval? It could help your offer. Stand out. Rocket technology provides a rock solid verification of your income assets and credit giving sellers. Greater confidence in you go to rocket mortgage dot com or call us today at 833 rocket severely probably baked in an otherwise intelligent individual financial information appraisal report called cost information, and people have been arrested in all 50 states and I want to see what Because I remember their three Arang attends. They're beautiful, playful and majestic and disappearing every day. As many as 20 Ranga tans vanish. They starved to death when their homes were destroyed or killed when they stray into villages in search of food. International Animal Rescue is fighting for the survival of the critically endangered Arang attack. But we can't do it without you. Please visit international animal rescue dot org's and help us savoring it stands before it's too late. That's international animal rescue daughter work. Kor FX ht to Denver. No impact traffic This'll report is sponsored by Napa Auto parts Well, the Senate is starting to peek through just a little bit. From the BET. Fred Sports Traffic Center. Your drive is in great shape right down all the highways looking good, including I 70 Eastern Western High 25 months in south bound, But you have a medical emergency, causing some delays. Eastbound and westbound on Hampton approaching University and some debris on the highway, 112 Avenue and here on, But that's about it to rest.

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