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Main breaks this morning including ones in silver spring alexandria hi it's bill also kramer middle school in southeast washington is closed today because of a burst water pipe in the basement and whites ferry is closed again today because of icy conditions on the potomac across the nation the bitter coldest blanketing much of the country meteorologist dan petersen says wind chill advisories are in place from south texas to canada call their employees that were warned based could go everything the colder will intensify of over the north east this weekend wants a the departs and we'll hunt far cold matan temperatures in the monory move looks like we're gonna get a break next week our full forecast is just ahead president trump is back from an on end of your holiday ready to face fresh legislative colleges midterm elections and threats abroad mr trump is hoping for more legislative achievements after his prechristmas success on taxes he plans to host mitch mcconnell and paul ryan a camp david this weekend we could no by the end of the week who the winner is in the tide 94 district virginia house of delegates race the virginia abortive elections is now planning on drawing a name for my hat on thursday that is unless a court intervenes that drawing was to have happened last week until democrat shelly simon's indicated she would challenge a panel of judges decision awarding one disputed balladur opponent unfortunate role my opponent ovag's also caused this delay by making an enron around the rules just because he didn't like the results of the recount which both democratic and republican observers agreed i won fair and square ninety four th district rush will determine which party controls should virginia house will now that.

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