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Game mini series at Seattle today last night's lost puts them on the precipice of elimination from the NL east race now and that's lost or mets win will make that official Sanchez pitches against the barriers for ten game time on 1500 a.m.. The Washington Post reports that Ted leonis owner of the wizards capitals mystics and Gogo has emerged as a potential buyer of the nationals, NFL commander Chad and samus Reyes officially signs an injury settlement and has been released while head coach Ron Rivera gives us his thoughts about quarterback Carson Wentz. He's very resilient. You know, a lot of things just kind of go off his back. He's very hard on himself. He really is. He pushes himself and you can see it in meetings. You can see it. I mean, this is a young man who's very serious about his craft. Preseason wraps up Saturday in Baltimore, a sad day for chiefs fans Hall of Fame quarterback Len Dawson dies at the age of 87. Dawson quarterbacked the franchise to three American football league titles before the merger and was the MVP in Kansas City's Super Bowl four victory over Minnesota after retirement Dawson was an analyst for NBC usually get paired up with Charlie Jones for those West Coast 4 p.m. games raiders chargers. He also appeared on HBO's inside the NFL for those who had grandparents who had cable. He was also the longtime chiefs radio analyst. Dave Preston WTO sports. The top stories were following for you on WTO, millions of Americans are waiting to learn the fate of their federal student debt as President Biden prepares to announce up to $10,000 in debt cancellation. Borrowers who earn less than a $125,000 a year would be eligible for loan forgiveness. It took weeks, but it appears we have a winner in the democratic primary for Montgomery county executive following a recount incumbent Mark elric is ahead of his challenger David Blair by 30 votes. The results are set to be certified later today. And overachieving teen just broke a world record, the Belgian British 17 year old is now the youngest person ever to fly around the world solo. Stay with WTO will have more on these stories in just minutes. So how are you feeling about the future of the economy? A new poll shows in Virginia, people are feeling a bit optimistic. As gas prices have been coming down, consumer expectations have been going up. So Virginia consumer sentiment report done by Roanoke college shows in the past three months, there's the biggest jump in expectations and more than four years. The main reason is the drop in gas prices, the studies author says as gas prices go down, people are confident prices on shipped items like food will also go down. She says the labor market remains strong and the pullback in quarantine recommendations for school kids will give parents more freedom to pursue job openings. The poll of nearly 700 people as a margin of error of plus or minus four percentage points. Coming up in money news. The Dow is up a 150 points, more retailers are filling up the clearance bins. I'm Jeff labeling. 1148 now, traffic and weather on the 8s, and when it breaks, Rita kesslers in the WTO traffic center. We still have the delays on the beltway in Virginia in both directions, headed toward Georgetown pike the interloop delays begin off the toll road, headed toward Georgetown pike with the work in the left lane, then the outer loop delays are on the American legion bridge headed toward Georgetown pike the right lane, then the left lane are blocked with that work crew. On Georgetown pike itself between walker road and springville road traffic is alternating by the work westbound Georgetown pike near the beltway, the right lane had been blocked with the cones, eastbound 66 slows out of Centreville, headed toward the fairfax county Parkway, watch for work set up taking a lane. 95, no reported issues, things look good between Fredericksburg and Springfield, no problems along three 95 as well. You'll also find in the district southbound D.C. two 95 heavy from bening past these capital street. Northbound slows passing Pennsylvania avenue inbound on the suitland Parkway, the delay is approaching the light at first Sterling due to a work zone and westbound en route 50 watch for those delays still sitting there near Cox creek trying to head onto the westbound span of the bay bridge, left lane to three blocked with the work eastbound both lanes are open with no delay getting to and across the bridge. I'm

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