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Seventy nine text h u g e to seventy nine seventy nine seventy nine WB. We're talking miss information. Which could be an honorary title for Alexandria, Cossio Cortez. But it means much more than that to me. Let's go to let's go to the telephones. Let's go to Victor in Silver Spring, Maryland. Victor, you're on the Chris Plante show. Good morning. Chris what a Victor another form of miss information would be old mission. And a perfect example would be I heard this on another town station early this morning. There was a woman crossing across work in Texas, thanksgiving more and an illegal alien right through a red light, killing her instantly. And this guy apparently assaulted somebody last year. It was let out on bail. If he had been in jail or deported. This woman would be alive today. You're never going to hear this story period. Unless you talk about it and other talk shows talk about it. You're one hundred percent, right. And as I'm fond of saying, Victor, the most insidious power. The news media has is the power to ignore. And they latch onto stories that they believe prop up the democrat party's narrative. Hands up don't shoot skip gates was treated unfairly. By sergeant Crowley. Everybody's a white supremacist in America. Everybody's voices. The democrat party is a theme and the news media carrying it forward. And I was mentioning Victor Mike Espy the democrat running for the Senate in a runoff race today and his ties to modern day slavery in Africa, and torture and systematic rape and murder of citizens. And the Ivory Coast by the dictator. They're represented Abeille capably by Clinton administration official and democrat in good standing, Mike Espy who is a tool for modern slavery in Africa in the twenty first century. Boy, it is good to be a democrat. I think if you're a Republican that just might come up. Neal Bush says his dad better known to the rest of us is the forty first president of the United States treated, everyone the same anybody that would ask.

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