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Iran contends that by pulling out the us violated the deal and that argument has widespread agreement among the five countries left the uk france germany russia and china a senior iranian official says tehran expects to continue to do good business with the russians and chinese but europe needs to find a way to protect its companies from us sanctions if they keep doing business in iran peter kenyon npr news vienna russian president vladimir putin says he still wants to meet with president trump who first proposed osama during phone call in march npr's lucian kim reports from moscow putin voice rare criticism of the trump administration for withdrawing from international agreements speaking at an economic conference attended by the leaders of france and japan president putin lamented the age of sanctions protectionism and broken deals but avoided mentioning trump by name muslim in the auto mechanic couldn't said he was not happy with the state of us russian relations was still interested in one on one meeting with trump the russian president said there were plenty of things to talk about including the risk of a new arms race as well as north korea niran putin questioned whether the united states was going to reconsider international agreements after every presidential election and said washington was using sanctions like a club to beat other countries lucian kim npr news moscow this is npr news police in ontario researching for two men after a bomb was detonated in a restaurant outside toronto at least fifteen people were hurt some of them critically dan carbon chuck has details salih say to ben enter the bombay bell restaurant late thursday detonated an improvised explosive device they were then seen fleeing after the explosion police have released a photo of the two men interesting the public's help in them one is described as being in his mid twenties with light skin and a stocky build the other is described as having light skin and thin the photo shows both wearing dark hoodies pulled over their heads with their faces covered no one has claimed responsibility for the attack three of the victims are in critical condition the attack comes a month after a driver plowed into pedestrians in toronto killing ten and injuring fifteen for npr news i'm dan carpenter in toronto and new european union data privacy law now in fact is having a sweeping impact on companies around the globe teri schultz report.

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