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Answer question is is Keanu Reeves the only actor to make a patchy beard worked for him damn Reeves profile Juki this week is the new John Wakeman movie coming out and in the intro day. Like talk about how like oh. You know, honorees Reeves was like laceration like, oh, he's like still the same guy. And they say to the real canneries has that same patchy beard and that to stop me my tracks. I was like well route. But then like you look at the pictures and his beard is super patchy and it works for him. And I question is I googled some like celebrities of patchy beards. Okay. And all of them like don't commit to the beard for that reason. It's all just do thing. Things men. No. When they grow. Patchy right? So they're barest. And then they they don't grow beer. Yeah. So my question is do we think Yanna Reeves first of all is does Apache to work for him and second is he the only person that can really make this work because he's canneries. Oh gosh in this category. Also, have you guys have thoughts and these questions police tweet us what's our handle? It is at teatime underscore thirty three. Right. But I'll have individual Twitter's as well. You guys come at us some time. So. These questions I think it's because like his whole grungy vibe with anybody. Yeah. So like if his beard was to manicured, it wouldn't work. Yeah. And so that's why it works. And I think it's like, you know, the John wick thing, and it's just like so. So just how I look and it just. Yeah. All right last question is this is really unanswerable because I think the limit does not exist, but what percentage of celebrities have nears and like also trinity. What percentage have an ear that we don't even know about? Because you know, we go to such a mazing doctors and specialists done that they transform their smile. And then I'll end then it's unattainable. And we all look at them. Like, oh my God. Right. You're soiling this. And also, it's a CV. Okay. Do you remember back like in the arts when Hillary Duff lost and she got those horse teeth? Yes. But then she got them reshaped. She got the nationalist beautiful came into my mind because Shay Mitchell this week loss an entire tooth biting on a bagel which oh it was. And then clearly has been ears because she took a selfie in the dentist chair. And it's when you buy something tooth breaks off normally it's like half or like, there's. But this whole tooth came out. There was mayor and the rest of her either like shiny white perfect. She's obviously used to pop back in there fighting a bagel is not a difficult that is sensitive because going down enough. Yeah. I think I'm I'm confused about what veneers are because I'm looking at a lot of these pictures, and I'm really grossed out by the her just pulling out of her head people who have veneers if you can picture their smiles highly Cyrus, Hilary Duff Cardi B show, coal nNcholas cage. Kelly Jenner Lindsay, Lohan sure, Lloyd, Tom Cruise like if you they're all they're all uniform. Yeah. Yeah. I just Google three years, and I she's a very famous one because it really bad. And then she got right, right. I really think that if you're a celebrity who clearly doesn't have like curse I love Kirsten Dunst. But she clearly if you look at her teeth, she's like things install and she hasn't had dental work done. Yeah. But if you're celebrity who has perfect teeth is. Yeah. In the not in the video. Yeah. Exactly. That's I feel like the limit does not exist. Sneakily has. Yeah. It's also just the same with like a little tweak of the nose. Yeah. It's it's infesting Hollywood really is. Yeah. I had to suffer through braces. Yes. And it's also like I feel that veneers. Like dental work aren't as like shamed. For for surgery. You might as well have it, right? Yeah. Braces for the win appropriate. Okay. We're all about halfway Amelia. You most finished right doing on. We mentioned that we have the athlete sized. We drink giant. Yes. Dying. Got great stuff from a million like to bring us next week tweets only in a bat. What we watch. Holy. Maybe. Things of AAA. And then maybe we'll be the goal for next. Okay. We will see you next time. This has been teatime was Kelly.

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