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In china there in india there in southeast asia that's why in two thousand five we went into china india then more recently southeast asia those founders are choosing the state private longer and so it's not enough to be seed in series investors we've also expanded into syria bees in season kind of the whole way through all the way up to ideal people see the news about the large funds to which we now have access in sync that we want to be in the big check writing business that is absolutely not the case so three quarters of investments that we've made in the last twelve months where seeds or series aged and if you look at the heritage of sequoia palo alto networks you to the ad mob these companies were actually incubated inside the four walls of sequoia capital for more recently stripe every embiid dropbox these were seen investments first sequoia capital so we wanna be able to serve founders no matter what stage they happen to be out her what gio baptist be located in focus is very much on partnering as early as possible in trying to build deep relationships where we could actually be useful to them overtime not negative sunfire maybe go off casual so already but i'm in treating your we have real cases of signaling lack when the latest stage what kind of lawyer science funds come in at the seed or the hey as a case of signaling were caught off its permanent in the body even the depth of investors isn't that the capsule and how you think signaling today searing risk is is funny thing because most founders are worried about it but we never actually seen a situation in which it hurts the context in which most people worried about it is they say well if i received this around some sequoia but then for whatever reasons declared doesn't leave the next round won't that hurt me and that's a totally irrational concern but the truth matters we'd never actually seen that company since i think signaling risk is a little bit of an overblown topic that i do agree bashi danger danny ainge sent the same i got thinking about whether the capital's deployed and ownership home see being primary insurance on today i'm a big believer the ownership still some fasttrack having said that it's more important for me to say that given.

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