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Year or Lifetime Warranty and 60 Day Return policy. Contact. Winegar at pressure is off dot bids. Traffic weather. 3 10, Let's start with Debbie Logica. Good afternoon, Deb. It's a bit of a tight ride right now. As you're heading on 8 94 South bound just south of Greenfield. We have an accident that is blocking the right lane. So we're slowing down right through the suiter changed. Just be prepared for that. We also have an issue on 94 south bound on Highway 20. The left lane is blocked right now. Looks like we had a vehicle fire there, and they're working on that elsewhere. Eastbound 94 17 minutes to get from Highway 16 in downtown. Westbound sides. A little heavy downtown. The zoo 10 minutes an extra 3 41 South found 21 minutes to get from highway Q to the zoo. That's a six minute back up north bound side slowing down a bit through the construction zones about 16 minutes to get from the superhighway Q. The traffic and weather together on the chance. I'm nebulas ago wtmj appellate w y dot com Time Saver Traffic WTMJ five day forecast big changes on the way we will have increasing clouds as you move into tonight. A cloudy Thursday then showers arrived in the evening. We'll see a high of 51 as women to your Friday We'll continue Keep some rain showers. A high of 50 degrees windy both days, Gus to be around about 30 to 40 MPH. Luckily, the sunshine returns on Saturday High 60 Sunday mostly sunny highs. 65 Memorial Day. Ah, couple more clouds. Ah, High of 68. I'm meteorologist Mersa Wallace. And with the storm team forecast on WTMJ in Madison. It's beautiful. 75 degrees Green based 71 in Waukesha. Very pleasant 75 degrees and here in Milwaukee. What a great day It's 81 degrees is Wisconsin's afternoon you with John mature. Melissa Barclay on new like Met six sports traffic with Denny laws ago and Storm Team four's Brian Goddard and now broadcasting. Why, from the annex?.

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