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Everything I do requires you to watch stuff or listen to the stock. Read the stuff in in order. Because if you don't you're just not going to understand anything so I always going to be here waiting for you when you're ready for the next thing so just get the stuff that comes before this. I it's critical to your understanding. So if you have already listened to the podcast before before this one or watch the video book. Whatever on what are vibrates Here's a quick review. Have you of what you've already ler fiber overgrowth of the fibrous tissue in the muscle of your uterus and they start out very small and they grow in response to estrogen. They're very calm. They're president forty to fifty percent. Some women and most women who have fibroids have multiple vibrates Nydia rather than just one as they grow slowly over your reproductive years. They deform your uterus from a perfectly normal shaped upside down here into something that looks Kinda bizarre. Multi Lobe didn't bulbous irregular so because estrogen gene is what causes fibrous to grow. We're now addressing the effect of mid applause on your favorites. And if hugh recall way back to the podcast on female hormones. I tied you a long time ago. How Estrogen Eker Jess Chiro Produce Reduce Your minstrel cycles and what you have is kind of dance between estrogen gesture time? You have a midst. Let's recycle the first half of every single cycle that you have over. The course of your lifetime involves high estrogen in the first half of your cycle in the second half of every single cycle you'd have over the course of your reproductive life in both high so every month when you're estrogen is high. The fibers tissue in your uterus can get stimulated at start a growing Every month after the estrogen could cause that fiber to grow just a little bit. So you're now does that make estrogen bad you see. This is the kind of thing that induce the alternative and complementary every community to come up with the term. Estrogen dominance. It just the sound of that makes you think of estrogen as the bad guy. Aw but estrogen is also the hormones. That does all lot of good things. Estrogen is responsible for your soft skiing. Your sexy curvy. Figure Your Shiny Hair Your Moist Regina your dense bones your healthy heart. Your weedy eighty breed your absence of whiskers and much more. What are the things you'll hear a gain and again in my educational products is it? Nothing is perfect. Everything has some advantages. So estrogen is no Different so yes estrogen makes fabrics grow but it also does some of the things you value most about being female. If you wanted to avoid everything estrogen does you would have to either be mailed or did after having cycle after cycle after cycle Aftermath Afterma you get pregnant what happens with estrogen net. It's skyrock estrogen increases to thirty five times. It's not pregnant level. I guess how much larger your uterus gets. During pregnancy it increases to a thousand times. It's pre pregnancy silence now with all that estrogen Trajan and the great increase in the size of your uterus your neighborhoods are going to row. So it's not uncommon common reports to grow significantly during pregnancy. And usually they don't try after the pregnancy now. Of course Barbara can cause problems during the pregnancy too if he all estrogen simulation fiber over the course of normal reproductive life including a few pregnancies. You see why they can get very big but the key is to understand that they usually grow slowly and steadily rapid growth growth. Apartments is a whole different ballgame or could be a whole different diagnosis okay. So we so far covered reproductive lifecycles an pregnancies. Let's move onto the next phase of your life. Peri menopause now this the transition between your reproductive law and your postmenopausal hormonal change that causes hairy menopause awesome remember. I visited in a budget. podcast at all videos. I've mentioned it all the time. It's no progesterone so the progesterone drops but your estrogen stage normal. What are you have you you have? What some call Estrogen Donna? And a gate. It's not bad thing. It's just a temporary thing. He's the estrogen. Causes Your favorites to grow. Not only that pairing menopause is when you're periods he really wacky. So that's when you have the most trouble with bleeding trump vibrance which is most common symptom of vibrates now because of the situation at Peri Menopause. This is would most Had the most trouble with their your firearms. That's when you're so. Many women say that they had some kind of treatment vibrates with they were in their forties so now. Let's take that in contrast it with what happens next at post pause so I just told colleges extra shift production during your cycles and pregnancies causes fibroids to grow what happens to your estrogen at postmenopausal you stop producing issued. So you're estrogen drops. So what's going to happen. Aw I don't get carried away now. You're on the fibers. Do not after pregnancy. I'D SAY WE'RE ESTROGEN LEVELS DECREASE BY thirty five times so don't jump the gun and say that they disappear at postmenopausal. Yes they don't they do. Stop Rowing you're fuel disappears so usually once you become compost your fiber stop rolling. But you know there's a difference between cessation of growth and shrinkage. In the last tutorial. I talked to that. The most common symptom of fibroids is leading. Usually it's it's heavy periods or bleeding between periods so at postmenopausal. When you stop having your periods you stop having bleeding that associated with fibroids? Another symptom of this pelvic pay now. Maybe the reason the fibroids are associated with pelvic pain because your uterus is a muscle and it contracts in order to stop the bleeding a contraction of muscles. A krant Krant is pelvic. There's no bleeding for your uterus to stop the pelvic pain usually ceases at post menopause too. So you've got bleeding and helping. I made that could go away. Equitable's what's the other departments was pelvic. Sure now that's the pressure of those heavy Heavy deep fibrous pushing down on your pelvis. Do you think that goes away to of course not your fibrous stop. Rowing they don't shrink is not lose weight. So for both women. Wholesome Pause Arable changes in their fibroids but it does not make them disappear. It isn't what you have this in your Twenties Thirties vibrance devel- Allah Grow Bay area's slow. Each pregnancy makes the gross significant parry. Menopause makes them bleed along. Aw and postmenopausal makes it stop growing but does not solve helvetic fresh. So if you can get through your twenties thirties without your fibers getting too big and if you can get to your payer menopausal forties without your favorites causing too much lady. Your your postmenopausal should renew peace with regard to your clients so d. c.. All this makes sense understanding the Fox makes everything so much easier. You know what's going on. You know what to expect any known your auctions but wait. I talked to all about the estrogen. We don't of opportunity you learn loss of estrogen has esab disastrous effects on your buying editor. This podcast you've learned that loss of Estrogen Hassle. Wonder full full offense on your five points. You see everything has both advantages and disadvantages. The next question it becomes way can you or should you take. HR If you don't you just love the way every new piece of knowledge prompts new questions leads with. This is what I love about education. So the next podcast. What I'm GonNa do is address the question can you take? HR T if you have vibrance he dot's how it works. You keep building piece by piece by piece every time you learned something. It poses another question that you didn't have to go.

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