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Not normal but lake was like though like was doing like the habits that i was doing so they all the kids weren't jumping up and down and doing their hands like to their to their chin or leg touching their face or rocking back and forth. So that's why. I thought it was a little different than other people other kids for example. She had this habit where she would Put her hands together. Squeeze them and then she would like put her hands together on a chin like pushing them towards her chin and we started noticing an actually interschool pictures that it started taking a toll We serve seeing her chin like couldn't get crooked because she was doing it. So much and like shoes would ask you know like yeah you know when my hands her my chin hurts and mike what am i supposed to just be like. Well just try to stop doing it. Ooh my mom round wave once they open the window and my girlfriend ran off and wasn't home so my mom's like oh my god like what am i going to do to have to call the cops. Because she can't be found so then. My mom was like crazy. Crazy looking through me dear number that that's the thing i don't things like that i don't remember but then my mom got me walking with an old woman. Right me yeah. She found walking back home with an old old woman in those woven was a. Hey this your daughter. Like she's been walking around the street and that's my mom's oh my god. We have to have some view like have home all the time. How old were you when you found out your artistic Also like twelve one nine found out told because they saw another kid doing the same habits but he was rocking back and forth and they asked. My mom solves like he awesome like. That's the same thing that i do. Sounds like oh. He has autism. He saw my mom like Told me that.

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