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I'm glad you. Qualified that this book is sort of for the newly woke the alarm clock. Just went off the air now away because there was a part of me reading this that I was like, wow, you're giving a lot of amunition to the David Brooks is of the world. Who I do think? Who have their own kind of very powerful megaphones and influence, and I think for instance, the people like my husband who actually totally newly woke completely newly woke. He's the kind of person that's like system to the argument that David Brooks is making because David Brooks, basically, make an argument looking at the extremes of culture and saying see it's bad. So let's not do it. But that's not a exactly what we should take away from some of these extremes. No, my my argument is always nuance. Right. Like you have to decide for yourself. What's what you can handle what's appropriate for you? It's the to go back to my even gelato roots, the Romans fourteen approach of of saying that you you feel what it out what's appropriate for you. You feel what you can handle and stuff and you find trust. It'd voices that you can follow in that. And when something problematic comes up where it's something very serious or something you can join in that call out culture and stuff, but you don't want to make that the entirety of your feminism. I feel like one lesson that I wanna say to people who see culture as an example of of over correction, and therefore we should abandon its funny people who who who critique the left always see over correction as proof that we should just abandon the project entirely. Unlike like capitalism, they're like over correcting will this just tinker the inker on the edge is with capitalism. No is that. We should always be asking ourselves who had something to lose had something to gain by doing the call out. And that's one of the reasons why I always grown when people like David Brooks, and Jonathan Chait and all those people do these essays about call up culture because it's always a white old dude in the establishment. He has a lot to lose if call out culture finally gets to him, right? As i've. So they're always writing position of fear where they are like, well, what if this one thing happens in its twisted, and people don't believe me, and whatever it's the it's the man who gets a frayed of being accused of a false rape Alec and allegation or something like that. And where they have a lot to lose in that situation. Whereas the women doing the call out. Depending on what where they are in relationship to the man often are trying to do their feminism crash. Right. And make sure that like the people that have the make phones are the people who should have the megaphones. We look to the James Gunn example again. And like those are people who did not have anything to lose my making doing this call out they were trying to inflict damage on someone who they actually saw as an ally, social Justice. Yeah. For wanted to make him go away. Yeah. Those horrid s j ws, and I also feel like I want to make very clear to people who are in the position of kind of newly raised consciousness that you will get called out. Because soon as you kind of make public to the world in any way that is is available. Whether it's, you know, wearing a pussy hats or announcing on Twitter that you're feminist or however, it is in your social circle that it works out that you have present now claimed the identity of someone who cares about these things. There will be a time that someone tells you you fallen short. Yes, it is. There is no way to exist in this world as someone who cares about social Justice and not. Do something quote, unquote wrong. Yeah. Especially if you are like much of the hashtag, resists people a white cysts het woman as if you haven't rich also. Yeah. Speaking. Yeah. You have much. Less to lose a lot of in in in a lot of ways because you have all this privilege and software as where I as a queer woman and stuff have had to look at things differently for a long time and had noticed these things..

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