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Adults to go massless. She added that it's probably safe to not wear a mask in large gatherings as long as she used common sense Southwest Airlines banning of passenger who punched a flight attendants Arab Arlen has that story airline says 28 year old Viviana Kin Joonas can never fly again on their planes. Witnesses say she repeatedly ignored instructions and became both verbally and physically abusive. On a flight from Sacramento to San Diego. The flight attendant reportedly lost two teeth and suffered Their facial injuries in the attack. Can Joonas has been arrested and charged with felony battery. Authorities say the suspect the government in the daily San Jose Rail Yard shooting had an arsenal of weapons at his home. Joseph Piazza with Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office explained a search found about 22,000 rounds of ammo and a dozen firearms based on my experience, I would think that weapons would be stored in different locations. And placed there to access them in a time of emergency. If he was to be contacted by someone else, or law enforcement, hey, would have access to those weapons. Suspected Molotov cocktails and cans of gasoline were founded Cassidy's residents, officials believe he orchestrated the destruction of his home. Nine people were killed on Wednesday shooting I'm Dean you chose two suspects are in police custody for the murder of a Virginia couple. Fairfax County Police say 55 year old Dr Edward McDaniel, junior and 63 year old Brandon McDaniel were gunned down on Wednesday morning. Already say both victims were military veterans. The suspects are identified as 19, year old D'Angelo Strand and 20 Year old Ronnie Marshall. According to police, at least one victim and the suspects were coworkers. Americans are eager to travel again after mostly staying home the previous year because of the pandemic. Kenny was one of many passengers at Logan Airport in Boston is.

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